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Friends Playing & Enjoying Roulette

3 Roulette Scams to Avoid

One of the most popular casino games, roulette is no stranger to fraud and trickery. There’s a certain glitz and glamor associated with the moving wheel. It’s what many swindlers use to scam unsuspecting novices who might be unlucky enough to fall for the myths promoted by such cheats. Seasoned roulette players are usually well...

Top View of a Roulette Table

Using the Racetrack in Roulette

If you’re a beginner or not very experienced at roulette, you might be confused by the myriad betting options available. The racetrack bet is one of them and, while the concept is seemingly simple enough, newbies can find it somewhat tricky at first. How Does the Roulette Racetrack Work? The racetrack is a portion of...