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First-time roulette players, do you find the layout of a roulette table intimidating and complex? Roulette might appear to be a complicated game because of all the possible bets available in the game. However, it is one of the easiest casino games you can play when considering strategic play. Whether you play online roulette games or find a good land-based version, the goal is to find the best wheel with favorable odds.

A European roulette wheel has a lower house edge compared to its American counterpart. The European variation of the game is also filled with exciting rules like the La Partage. According to the rule, you get half of your money lost on even money bets if you lose on zero. It means the house edge is even lower, making it likelier for you to make the most of your bankroll.

Simplicity is the name of the game if you combine a good roulette game with a reasonable strategy. Unfortunately, you will end up receiving plenty of ‘expert’ advice on the internet that will help you become a master roulette player.

You cannot trust everything you read on the internet. Today’s post will shed some light on terrible roulette advice you should never follow so that you can make more well-informed decisions when playing online roulette games.

1. Bet on the opposite of the winning number or color

This is one of the most common pieces of horrible roulette advice you can get. Betting the opposite of an even-money wager, especially one that has been on a winning streak, simply makes no sense. Even-money bets are called that because the probability is always 50-50 with them.

Many players assume that a specific outcome is overdue when the losing streak for it ends. Sure, winning streaks and losing streaks are common in roulette. But that does not mean that either of the two streaks will impact the odds of the next spin of the wheel.

The odds remain the same regardless of whether an even-money wager is on a winning or losing streak.

2. Look for a wheel bias and exploit it

This terrible piece of roulette advice is limited to in-person roulette games. If you frequent casinos quite often with your friends, you might have heard at least once that you should try to find a roulette table with a biased wheel in the casino. Sure, the idea of a biased roulette wheel is exciting, but it is a waste of time.

‘Wheel bias’ is a term that refers to finding a roulette table with a wheel that favors a few numbers more than others. Identifying such a wheel would require observing the same roulette wheel for roughly over 5,000 spins. Even after spending that much time, it might be challenging to say that a wheel is biased with complete confidence.

Wheel bias used to be a thing back in the 90s when older wooden wheels likelier to break down might have favored a few numbers due to wear and tear. Modern casinos now use sturdier roulette tables with wheels that have metal frets. Wheel bias is no longer a thing for roulette.

3. Look for dealer signatures you can leverage to beat the casino

Have you heard someone tell you to look for dealer signatures to gain an advantage over the casino when playing roulette? A dealer’s signature in roulette refers to how a dealer tends to spin the ball the same way each time. If you can identify this tendency, you supposedly have a good chance of making an accurate prediction for where the ball will land before you make a wager on a spin.

Wasting time observing the dealer for hours to see if they release the ball, in the same way, each time, watching the speed of the wheel when they spin it and waiting to see if the ball lands on the same number each time is a lot of effort. The thing is, it does not work.

Dealer signatures have very little control over the outcome of every spin. This ‘expert advice’ effectively suggests that you can calculate several variables based on observing the dealer to determine where the ball will land before you place a wager. That is impossible to pull off because you cannot know when the tiny ball will stop bouncing, and the wheel will become stationary.

4. Roulette is a game with zero strategy

Perhaps the worst piece of roulette advice you can get is that the game does not require strategy at all. Sure, it does not do you any favors to overthink when playing roulette, but that does not mean you should place bets blindly and hope to win something.

The game is not like Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack, where you need to study comprehensive strategy to win. But that does not mean you don’t have any strategy involved in roulette.

Finding roulette tables with favorable odds and rules, researching the rewards programs for land-based casinos, bonuses for online roulette games, and high RTP games – these are all a part of actionable roulette strategies that you can use.

The best place to find roulette games is on the internet so you can find variations with a lower house edge. Study betting systems that can help you make the most of your bankroll based on your budget and risk tolerance. As you keep playing the game, you can better identify the right approach to playing roulette and create your own roulette strategy.

Wrapping It Up

Beautiful roulette wheel
An image of a stationary roulette wheel with the ball settled in the red 23 pocket on the wheel.

Not all of the bad roulette advice you hear will affect your bankroll. The wheel bias, dealer signatures, or betting the opposite of winning numbers are harmless pieces of bad advice that don’t carry a lot of relevance to actually playing the game. Following these pieces of advice might not make you a profitable roulette player, but they won’t actively contribute to potential losses.

The best way to win at roulette is to find a variation of the game with more favorable rules and be careful with your betting strategy to make the most of your bankroll. Beyond that, it is a matter between you and lady luck to determine whether you can walk away from a table with massive winnings.

Did you find this post about terrible roulette advice you should never follow enlightening? There is plenty of useful roulette advice that can make a significant impact on your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. Follow our blog at Fullroulette to read more about all the tips, tricks, and strategies related to roulette that can help you become a profitable player in online roulette games and land-based roulette games.

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