Roulette table and wheel
The truth is, this is one of the most straightforward and exciting casino games that you can learn. Once you can grasp some of the basics of roulette, you will find that this game has a very easy pace to it, and most of the bets in roulette are simple.

Whether you want to go to your local casino to play roulette or enjoy online roulette from the comfort of your bedroom, understanding the game can help you get started. This post will explain all the fundamentals of this beautiful and simple game so you can quickly get started.

We will discuss the roulette table, the wheel, help you understand how to place bets, and other basic aspects that will help you learn how to play the game.

The basic idea behind the game can be explained in one line: Simply pick the number that the ball will land in, and you can win the game.

Understanding The Roulette Table

The layout for a roulette table is divided into two sections: Inside and Outside.

The inside area has three columns containing numbers. The zero and double-zero are right at the top of the columns. Half of the numbers on the table are red, and the other half are back. The outside area has boxes for column bets, even money bets, and bets on other number groups. The wheel is placed at one end of the table with the layout of bets spread, and corresponding numbers close by. Of course, the layout might not be the same when you’re playing online roulette since there’s no need for a physical table.

What Are The Numbers On The Roulette Table?

In American roulette, the zero and double-zero are atop the columns, and European roulette doesn’t have a double-zero. Numbers 1-16 are below zero and double-zero, arranged in a sequence from left to right in the three columns. Besides zero and double-zero, all the colors will either have a red or black background.

The Inside & Outside Of The Roulette Table

Individual numbers, zero, and double-zero are considered the inside portion of the table, while the outside has multiple boxes that refer to specified groups of individual numbers. The boxes reserved for group dozens are closest to the inside portion, labeled as “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” and “3rd 12.” These boxes represent the portion of individual numbers. For instance, the box labeled “2nd 12” refers to 13-24.

There are six other boxes positioned right next to the grouped dozen boxes labeled as “1 to 18” and “19 to 36,” and they represent the individual numbers within their respective ranges. The next two are called “Even” and “Odd” and the last two indicate red and black numbers designated by diamond symbols for the corresponding colors.

Understanding The Roulette Wheel

The wheels are carefully designed to offer a precise balance and function in physical roulette. Unfortunately, the careful design of these has led to the possibility of a bias that makes it possible for gamblers to exploit the bias. Fortunately, the online roulette games we offer at Full Roulette do not pose that problem.

How Does The Wheel Work?

The American roulette variation has a double-zero on the wheel while the European counterpart doesn’t. The seemingly small difference makes a substantial difference on the house edge. The European variation has a 2.63% house edge while the American variation has a massive 5.26% house edge.

Traditional roulette wheels have two parts: the wheel itself and the outer bowl. The bowl stays still, and it contains the wheel. The dealer sends a small ball along the inner surface of the outer bowl in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel’s spin. The ball gradually slows down and starts bouncing once it touches the wheel, eventually resting in a slot.

Roulette Rules To Know Before You Begin

Now, the roulette wheel and board are set up with 36 numbers, a zero and a double-zero. The board is divided into red and black squares. When the dealer drops the white ball to land on a number, you can place a bet on all reds, blacks, odd, or even numbers for a 1:1 payoff. These bets are called outside bets and are easier to win.

  • A split bet is when you choose two numbers and pay 17:1.
  • A straight bet is when a number pays 35:1.
  • Street betting on three numbers comes with an 11:1 payoff. You can et on three numbers with a single chip.
  • Corner betting is when you bet on four numbers, and it pays 8:1.
  • You can place a chip on one row to place a six bet, and these bets pay 5:1.

You have to consider the odds of winning. Remember that American roulette has a 5.26% house edge,at high speed, and European roulette has a 2.63% house edge. Place a bet based on the odds. While other players might already call out the bets you want to place, don’t let that deter you from making the bet that you want to. Now, you just place your bet and start playing.

A Few Tips Before You Begin

An image of a roulette wheel in a casino spinning at high speed

Now that you have a handle on the basics, we’ll leave you with a few tips and tricks to help you get a good start.

  • Stick to the table minimum because roulette can get pricey and it is not an easy game to bet on in a casino.
  • Outside bets increase your chances of getting a payout.
  • Ask about the “en prison” rule. The rule applies to even bets and reduces the house advantage. The ball can be locked up if it lands on 0 for another spin. The house will return your money if the next spin coincides with your original bet.
  • Try to have fun and know when it’s time to quit. Winning roulette is possible, but the house has the advantage. Stick to staying even with your bets and quit at the right time to walk away with winnings.

You must be excited to finally begin. While reading about roulette helps you get started, the real learning begins once you start playing. Check out our extensive collection of roulette games and start betting, folks. Best of luck!


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