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Have you been consistently losing at roulette and wondering whether the roulette wheel at your local casino is rigged? Remember that roulette wheels are rarely rigged, and bad streaks do exist. However, one can still figure out whether a wheel is rigged. 

A rigged roulette wheel may give off its bias in more ways than one. However, it is also very easy for the casino to spot a roulette player who is way too interested in their wheel, so beware if you don’t want to be banned. 

The following sections can help you figure out ways to observe a roulette wheel and understand whether it is rigged. Roulette players cannot benefit from rigged roulette wheels and must avoid them whenever they encounter one. 

1. The Casino

It is usually very hard to observe rigged roulette wheels. This is because most of the roulette wheels we come across today are mechanical. Casinos can simply add a bias, and the wheel will spin and produce wins in a way that can keep deceiving players. 

However, it can be easier to figure out whether you are experiencing a rigged roulette wheel by researching the casino. Find out whether the casino is a legit organization or whether it does not exist. The more legit the casino, the less likely the wheel is rigged. 

In case you find out that the casino is legitimate, chances are you are caught in a bad streak. Coincidences occur, and the rigging you observed might simply be a coincidental pattern that the wheel produced for a while.

2. Reviews

You can easily determine if a casino uses a rigged roulette wheel if you look for reviews online. Before playing at an online or land-based casino, it is always recommended that you look for reviews and figure out what other players are saying before you trust the casino.

There are many instances where players have spotted a rigged roulette wheel simply because they learned from other roulette players online that the wheel was unreliable. Reviews can also keep you away from fraudulent sites!

If you want to win, figuring out whether a casino is using a rigged roulette wheel is important. Since rigged roulette wheels produce biased wins tilting toward one particular outcome, they aren’t reliable investments. 

3. Outcomes

If you cannot find anything online and still suspect that there’s a rigged roulette wheel involved, you can observe for biasness. This can go in two directions. If you are dealing with a wheel that isn’t mechanized, you can actually observe the wheel for a flaw. 

Wheels that are rigged will move in a certain way that produces more wins for a certain bet. This may be due to an inherent flaw in the wheel that has been added by the casino. In case the wheel is mechanized, noticing this flaw is hard. 

However, you can spot the rigging by observing the payouts. Keep a mental note of the bets that are winning and figure out if there is a pattern. If the wheel favors one bet over a long period, it might be rigged. 

4. The Ball

The little white ball that bounces all around the wheel is one of the most important components. In different kinds of wheels, different balls are used. All of these are made from varying materials. Keep in mind that all of these materials bounce differently. 

Understand the varying materials and designs of the balls and note which kind of ball the roulette wheel is using. It may point toward a rigged roulette wheel if it is not bouncing as it should. 

One way to notice whether the ball is biased is if it falls in one particular pocket more often than others. This is the basic definition of the rigged wheel, as it means that the inherent beauty of the wheel (random chance) has been compromised. 

5. The Players

Since you have already stepped inside the casino, why not trust the roulette players? You can easily ask the players what they think about the wheel and whether they trust it. Since the players might have been playing at the wheel for a while before you came, they may be able to tell you a lot about it. 

Some professional players are skilled at noticing tiny details about the wheel, which aren’t easy to spot for an amateur. Ask roulette players whether they think the wheel is biased if you keep getting losses. 

Keep in mind that it is much more likely that you are caught in a losing streak. Since casinos want more players to keep playing at the wheel, adding a rigged wheel puts them at a disadvantage. It is highly unlikely for them to add a rigged wheel. 

Bonus Tips

If you are thinking of playing roulette at the casino, you must keep the following tips in mind;

  • Do not spend more than your bankroll, as it can come back to haunt you.
  • Do not rely on a particular pattern, as roulette wheel outcomes are always random.
  • Try to stick to a betting pattern you can afford and bet the minimum if you are unsure. 
  • Observe roulette players around you and learn from them. 
Rigged roulette wheel.
Picture of roulette table.

Final Thoughts

A rigged roulette wheel can spoil all the fun for roulette players. Since the beauty of a roulette wheel exists in the fact that it offers a random chance to its players, rigging introduces biases that sour the fun. 

Figuring out whether a roulette wheel is rigged isn’t possible for all players. It takes a trained eye to do so. However, reviews and the casino’s online reputation can help you figure it out much faster!

If you are wondering whether a roulette wheel is rigged, try to find out online before you attempt to take your chances and observe it. 

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