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1. Start with European or French Roulette

There are three main variants in Roulette. You can play European, American, or French Roulette. Among these, European Roulette and French Roulette are the best for beginners. The latter has 36 numbers, and European Roulette of the game has 37 numbers. The American version has 38 numbers.

The difference may not seem like much, but it can impact the house edge. If you play European or French Roulette, the house edge stands at 2.7%. In comparison, American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. This means that you can get better returns if you play the European or French versions of the game.

2. Make Outside Bets

Roulette consists of inside and outside bets. Outside bets typically offer better odds. The payouts for these are lower compared to inside bets. However, if you are new to online roulette and don’t want to take on an excessive amount of risk, then outside bets are the way to go. These are also better for your bankroll since you are more likely to win if you place these bets.  

3. Play the First Few Games for Free

If you have just started playing, then we recommend a few free games to understand the rules. It may not do much to help you understand the strategies used in Roulette but it can help you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game without losing any money. Once you understand how it works, you can start playing for real money.

4. Pay Attention to Your Bankroll

Like other casino games, bankroll management is very important when you play Roulette online . You should always set betting limits and make careful and sensible bets. If you find yourself on a losing streak, it is best to walk away. Moreover, if you reach your betting limits and haven’t managed to earn a return, then instead of increasing these limits to continue playing, you should call it a day and try again another time.

5. Use the En Prison Rule If You Can

The En Prison rule is only applicable in European Roulette. According to this rule, you can place your even-money bets in prison if the ball lands on the ‘0’ slot. If this happens, you have two options at your disposal. One, you can take 50% of your bet back or transfer the bet to your next spin. If you win this spin, then you will get your money back. However, if you lose this spin, then you will lose your money.

6. Understand the Odds in Roulette

If you are looking for Roulette tips that can help you improve your game, then here’s one for you: Focus on your odds. Typically, even money bets have the highest odds in American and European Roulette. This is followed by column bets and dozen bets. Corner bets, double street bets, and top line bets also have reasonable odds, but these are not as high as other bets mentioned. Finally, split bets, street bets, and straight up bets have the lowest odds in a game of roulette.

You can try out all types of bets if you are playing for free to understand how they work. However, when you play for money, we suggest sticking to even money bets, column bets, and dozen bets.

7. Don’t Pay Attention to the “What’s Due” Feature

Some online casinos tend to have a “What’s Due” feature. This provides some insight into which numbers might appear next. Casinos rely on number patterns to suggest these numbers. However, they aren’t of much use to online players, and it’s better for you if you ignore them. This is because there is no connection between upcoming numbers and the numbers that have appeared before in Roulette. The odds of winning are exactly the same for each spin. So, trust your instincts and stick to a strategy to improve your chances of winning.

8. Use a Column Betting Strategy

A column betting strategy focuses on betting on even vs. odd, high vs. low, or red vs. black. When you place a column bet, you predict that the ball will land on a number that is found in one of the table’s 3 columns. These bets are also outside bets, so the odds of winning them are high. Thus, using a column betting strategy is an effective use of your bankroll and you can increase your returns quickly.

9. Find a Reliable Online Casino You Can Trust

This is one of the most vital tips to remember when you play roulette online. With the number of online casinos out there, it’s important to find one that is operating legitimately and doesn’t cheat on its players. At Full Roulette, we help guide users to the right online casinos that have a strong reputation and are safe to use. If you are new to playing Roulette online, we suggest you only play at online casinos with a recognized game license. Otherwise, you’ll just keep losing your money no matter how smartly you play.

Wrapping It Up

A spinning roulette wheel in a casino
Playing roulette in a casino

Online Roulette can be a tricky game to master, but once you understand all the rules, it can be a lot of fun. If you have just started to playing, we suggest sticking to outside bets, setting betting limits, and playing European or French roulette instead of American roulette. You should also ignore the “What’s Due” feature and use the En Prison rule when you can.

Are you looking for more Roulette tips? Then keep following Full Roulette for helpful advice on how to play the game!

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