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There are a ton of betting systems that Roulette players have developed over the years. These are designed to make the experience of playing casino games more exciting for the players and increase their chances of making profits. The D’Alembert System is one such betting strategy, designed to theoretically increase your chances of becoming a more profitable Roulette player.

This post will discuss the D’Alembert System to help you understand the betting strategy and how you can use it while playing Roulette.

The D’Alembert System – How It Works

The D’Alembert System is one of the many negative progression systems. It is not as popular as the Martingale Betting System but if you are already aware of how Martingale works, you will have no problem understanding the D’Alembert System.

The D’Alembert borrows core elements of the Martingale System but with one major change: The D’Alembert is far less aggressive, making it less risky, expensive, and much safer. The system uses a more manageable betting curve that makes it one of the safest betting systems you can use in Roulette.

The strategy is named after Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a famous French mathematician who devised the strategy. It is also one of the easiest betting systems that you can learn, making it suitable even for beginners. When using the D’Alembert system during Roulette, you have to stick to making bets with the best odds: the even-money or outside bets.

Outside bets are called even-money bets because they offer a nearly 50% chance of success. These bets include the odd-even bet, the red-black bet, and the high-low bet.

Playing Roulette with The D’Alembert System

When you play Roulette with the D’Alembert System, you will increase your bet each time you lose and decrease your bet each time you land a winning strike. That is how the Martingale System also works. However, the Martingale is quite aggressive.

Using the D’Alembert, you start with a chosen betting amount. Each time you lose, you add the same amount to your bet for the next round. Each time you land a winning strike, you decrease your bet by the same amount. Theoretically, once you have an even number of wins and losses while using the D’Alembert System, you will end up with a profit.

In the Martingale System, you start with the table’s minimum bet, double-up your bet each time you lose, and restart from the table minimum each time you win. The D’Alembert is far less aggressive and protects you from losing a large amount of money if you are on a losing streak.

Choosing A Betting Unit

You have to first choose a betting unit for your bets with the D’Alembert System. The bet can be as big or as small as you would like to keep it. You can go for the table minimum or any other amount based on your risk tolerance.

We recommend sticking with a smaller wager because you might have to make several bets in a spin as well. A good approach could be to consider 1% of your entire bankroll as a betting unit to follow with the D’Alembert System.

Important Rules to Remember While Using the D’Alembert System

There are several rules that you should remember while using the D’Alembert System, including:

  • Select the betting unit based on your risk tolerance and how big your bankroll is. About 1% of the bankroll is a good amount to choose as the betting unit.
  • Pick your desired bet while following the system. Even-money bets work the best with the system.
  • Add a betting unit on the next spin each time you lose and remove a unit each time you win.
  • Never wager more or less than the betting unit you decided before you started playing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of The D’Alembert System


Perhaps the biggest advantage of the D’Alembert System is that it is the safest betting system you can use. You can use it with a relatively small bankroll, and the nature of its negative progression keeps you from hitting table bet limits (something that can be a major problem with the Martingale System). While it is still possible to lose a significant sum due to a consistent losing streak, the progression in this system prevents major losses.

The second advantage of the D’Alembert System is the ease with which you can learn and master it. The rules are so simple that you don’t need to memorize anything. Just remember the size of the betting unit you decided on and stick to it.


The biggest advantage of the D’Alembert System is also a disadvantage. You stand to lose a lot less money using this system because it is a safer method to bet. However, you also stand to win smaller amounts.

The second disadvantage is based on luck. Suppose that lady luck decided that she’s just not going to give you her good graces when you are playing the game, and you have a horrendous losing streak. In that case, you will have a challenging time recouping your losses.

In A Nutshell

Roulette wheel
Image showing a roulette table and players in the background with stacks of casino chips around the roulette wheel.

The D’Alembert System is one of the easiest and worry-free betting systems that you can use to introduce more fun and excitement in your experience of playing Roulette. The strategy is quite straightforward and it works really well a lot of the time. However, you should remember that no betting system can help you consistently beat the casino’s house edge.

You might not become a millionaire using the D’Alembert System or any other betting system, but you can enjoy some good profits. Remember that the house edge always wins in the long run, but the system is definitely worth trying out. It is one of the safer betting systems you can use in Roulette, and it can make the game far more entertaining if you are playing for the thrill of it.

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