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Roulette is simply one of the most exhilarating casino games that you can play. A game that originated in France during the 18th century, it has spread far and wide over time and people everywhere love playing it. the game is easy to learn and can give you hefty payouts on a good day, when lady luck decides to shine down on you.

Of course, as is the case with anything popular, you will find plenty of myths surrounding this beautiful game floating around the internet. If you are curious about Roulette or are a casual player who has been bombarded by myths that have put you off from it, let’s set the record straight.

This post will debunk some of the most common myths about Roulette. It will give you the knowledge you need to dispel the misconceptions so that you can continue enjoying the game, whether you play it in a land-based casino or through one of our online Roulette games at Fullroulette.

1. The Martingale Betting System Is A Guaranteed Winning Strategy

The Martingale Betting System is a betting strategy used in many casino games, including Roulette. It is an aggressive betting system where you double your bet each time you lose a hand and restart your bets from the minimum betting limit available on the table each time you land a winning hand.

The basic premise behind this is to ensure that you can win back all your losses in a single winning move. When you double your bet each time you lose a hand, you are raising the stakes. This approach can theoretically ensure that you will breakeven when you gradually land a winning hand. Choosing to stick to the minimum bet each time you win ensures that you can enjoy slow profits.

The math behind this strategy checks out. However, you have to remember that you can burn through your bankroll quickly if you are on a sustained losing streak. You can run out of money on a losing streak before you recover your losses. This is a very aggressive strategy and one you should use only if you have a massive bankroll to play with.

2. The Previous Outcomes Can Tell Future Results

Many gamblers who have been playing different casino games for a while might already know about “gambler’s fallacy” but not many understand what it is. This is basically the idea that past and current events will have an impact on future results. Roulette dealers do not tend to correct you if you think that previous outcomes can predict future probability.

You should know that Roulette is as pure a game of chance. There is no relation between past, present, and future results. Whatever number or color you land on in a round does not impact the odds for any of the future bets. It can sometimes feel this way when a gambler is on a hot streak but the reality is that this is the wonders of probability at play.

Making betting decisions based on past or current results do not do you any favors or give you an edge in the game, even when you are playing online Roulette games. Vigorous regulatory checks online ensure that each spin is completely fair and features a unique result with every spin, regardless of previous outcomes.

3. Covering the Playfield Is A Good Approach

Too many gamblers think that they can create a winning formula for Roulette by studying betting patterns. Some players place chips on one bet at a time, and others try to cover as much of the playing field with multiple bets thinking that it gives them a greater chance of winning the round. Unfortunately, covering the entire playfield is not as profitable as many might think.

Sure, you will win something if you place 10 different bets in a round. However, your overall return will be significantly smaller compared to what you lose if most of your bets don’t turn out in your favor.

On the other hand, a player who places a straight-up bet on a single number several times in a row might not land a winning round for most of the turns. However, a single win with a straight-up bet could give the player a massive payout. Of course, the higher reward comes with a greater risk.

4. It Is Impossible to Win Big While Playing Roulette

This is completely nonsensical. If it was impossible to win big in Roulette, most people who play avidly will completely stop trying their luck. The game completely relies on probability and house edge. The tougher bets, like a straight-up bet, come with a massive payout ratio.

If you land a straight-up bet, you can get a payout of as much as 36:1 in European Roulette. It means wagering $10 on a straight-up bet and landing it could give you $360. It is possible to win bigger amounts in high-stakes games but you have to be extremely lucky to land such winning bets. As challenging as it might be, you can actually win big while playing Roulette.

In A Nutshell

An image of a roulette table with the game underway and players looking at the stacks of chips on the table.

The Roulette wheel offers pretty good odds to players who understand the game and basic strategies. The house edge is quite favorable and knowing some of the basic strategies can make a world of difference in your long-term success. We hope that learning about these myths gives you a better perspective on the game and removes any misconceptions about roulette. If you’re excited about playing the game, check out one of the online roulette games in our suite of games at Fullroulette.

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