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If you enjoy playing roulette, then you may have heard about the Fibonacci betting system. This system can be complicated to understand, but it is also safer compared to other systems such as the Martingale roulette strategy.

Read on as we discuss how the Fibonacci betting strategy works and whether you should consider using it when you play roulette online.

How Does the Fibonacci Betting System for Roulette Work?

The Fibonacci betting system is named after a 13th-century mathematician who went by the name Fibonacci. His real name was Leonardo Pisano.

The Fibonacci betting system relies on a negative betting progression and requires you to increase the size of your bet after every loss and decrease it when you win. This is similar to the Martingale roulette strategy. However, the manner in which these bets are increased and decreased is different.

The Fibonacci Sequence in Roulette

If you are familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, then you will know that this sequence starts with 1. Each subsequent number is equivalent to the sum of the 2 numbers that precede it. This sequence is infinite and can continue to run infinitely as long as you add the previous two numbers to create a number. It goes on like this:

1, 1, 2 (1 +1), 3 (2 + 1), 5 (2 + 3), 8 (3 + 5), 13 (5 + 8), 21 (8 + 13), 34 (13 + 21), 55 (21 + 34), 89 (34 + 55), and so on.

You can find the Fibonacci sequence in nature too. For example, the sequence exists in the number of petals in flowers, tree branches, shells, pine cones, etc.

How can we apply the Fibonacci sequence to gambling, though? If you are playing roulette, this system can be applied to even money bets. These include bets on black and red numbers and odd and even numbers from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The odds of winning these bets are 50%, which is significantly higher than any inside bets you place.

You can look to the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence to determine how much money you need to bet in a session. Here’s how the system would work if you use it for roulette:

Spin No.Bet AmountOutcome

As you can see from the example provided above, every time you lose, your stake goes up, but as you win, the size of your bet goes down. The bets you place every time you win will be equivalent to the difference between the last two numbers. For example, the size of your bet for spin number 10 is $13. When you win this bet, you can place a bet that is equivalent to $5 ($13 – $8 = $5). If you win this again, you can place a bet of $2 ($5 + $3 = $2).

What Are the Benefits of the Fibonacci System?

Some of the main advantages of using the Fibonacci system include:

It Helps You Recover Your Losses More Quickly  

The Fibonacci betting system allows you to be more careful when you are winning and helps you curb your losses. In the example used above, after 10 spins, you will have only incurred a loss of $1. Even though you lost 7 spins, the winning spin allowed you to recover the money you lost and win more to minimize your loss. In comparison, the Martingale system resets the stake and requires you to start from the beginning. The Fibonacci betting system only takes the stake down a notch. This approach helps you play it safe while also recovering your losses much more quickly if you are on a winning streak.

Your Bets Sizes Increase at A Slower Rate

One of the biggest risks associated with other betting systems like the Martingale system is that it requires you to increase the size of your bets at an exponential rate in order to recover a chunk of your losses with a single spin. Things move a little more slowly in the Fibonacci betting strategy. Since you are only adding the previous two numbers when placing a new bet, the risk is a little lower.

What Is the Downside to Using the Fibonacci Betting Strategy?

Like other betting strategies, the Fibonacci betting strategy also has its disadvantages. These include:

It Can’t Influence Your Odds

Technically, the Fibonacci betting system only provides you with a sequence of numbers that can help you control the size of your bets. It can’t do much to shift the odds in your favor or reduce the house edge. Moreover, if you keep losing, then your losses could pile up, and this could seriously hurt your bankroll.

It Is Meant for Short-Term Use

Like with other roulette strategies, the effectiveness of the Fibonacci betting strategy also relies on the fact that you know when to stop. This strategy works well in the short term if it allows you to recover from previous losses and get your money back along with a small profit. Otherwise, given the significantly high house edge that is observed in roulette, overusing the strategy could set you up for failure, and you could lose your entire bankroll.

Moreover, this system isn’t helpful for inside bets, and you can only use it for even money outside bets.  

Wrapping It Up

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A ball lying in a pocket in a roulette wheel

The Fibonacci betting system allows you to increase or decrease the size of your bet based on the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. It is a lot safer than other betting strategies used in roulette. You can use this method to minimize your losses while taking on a controlled amount of risk. You also get to recover the money you lost more quickly. However, we suggest using this method in the short term only. You should also remember this betting system doesn’t do anything to shift the odds in your favor.

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