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There’s no doubt that roulette is among the most popular games in any casino. It’s also one of the easiest, second only to slots. Not many skills are needed to play, and there usually isn’t any shortage of roulette tables in a casino, whether land-based or online.

While the game largely depends on luck, you can learn some strategies to increase your chances of winning big. The critical thing to remember for any player is that casino games are primarily a source of entertainment. Yes, you want to win some money, but there’s no guarantee that you will. You could lose every penny of the bankroll you walked into (or logged in if playing online) to a casino. Hence, it would be best to consider any winnings as a bonus.

Casinos are often eager to take advantage of your desire to win. This is why the management looks to create situations where it’s hard for a player to understand how much they’re losing and resultantly stop playing, whether they’re down or up.

You’ll find many roulette strategies and betting systems all over the Internet. Some work, and some don’t. There are also a few that you probably haven’t tried yet but should anyway. Mastering these three roulette systems will considerably up your game. This article will explain them in detail.

3 Must-Try Roulette Systems

You can make a variety of bets when playing roulette. However, beginners tend to go for either a number or one of the colors (red and black). Nevertheless, the following strategies can certainly help you in a game when played right. Don’t forget, though, that roulette depends heavily on chance, and you’ll need good old lady luck to continue smiling on you if you want to go on a major winning streak.

Paroli System

Do you believe in dry spells and hot streaks? Most of us have experienced them during roulette and other casino games. If you have to, say hello to the Paroli System. According to this approach, players increase their wager sizes when they win and reduce them when the losses add up.

The idea is to take advantage of any hot streaks and minimize the risk when lady luck turns its back on you. Remember, though, that the Paroli strategy needs your timing to be perfect. Otherwise, you’ll soon end up with an empty bankroll. For instance, if you continue to double your wagers during a sequence of losses, it will lead to all your winnings being wiped out. You might even lose much more than what you’ve won!

To get the most out of the Paroli system, you should be able to figure out the right time to get out. After you’ve put together a few wins, this is usually because a loss would be coming sooner rather than later. So, anticipate that and preserve your winnings.

You can quickly grow your bankroll with the Paroli approach. However, the system relies heavily on a winning streak continuing for long, which doesn’t happen very often. Any gambler worth their salt knows that lady luck can rush out the door just as quickly as it arrives.

We suggest you shouldn’t employ the Paroli method for short pops. Usage in most other scenarios is fine, as long as you feel that the timing is spot on with a reasonable amount of certainty.

Martingale System

The Martingale System is extremely simple and easy to comprehend. Simply put, you keep doubling your bet size until you record a “W.” This system works on the premise that when you eventually win a round, all the losses and your original stake value would be recovered.

There is, however, one limitation. The Martingale approach only works with even money wagers such as black or red. For instance, let’s assume that you start a game with a $5 bet on red and lose. Following the Martingale method, you double the size of the next wager to $10. If another loss follows, you increase the subsequent bet to $20.

In case you win this one, the winnings would total $40. This amount would cover your $15 loss ($5 + $10) and the $20 stake in the last wager. You’ve also earned a $5 profit!

While you can use the Martingale system for short-term profitability, knowing the right time to get out is essential. Continuing to bet would only lead to one thing: the law of averages ultimately catching up with you. If not, you’ll probably reach the table limit, which would mean no more doubled bets. At this point, the best thing you can do is to cut your losses and begin again with an initial wager.

James Bond System

Even though Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond System, calls it “foolproof,” there’s plenty of risk involved. In fact, this roulette approach is among the riskiest.

In the James Bond System, you have to make multiple bets of $200 on the same spin. Such a move aims to cover as many possibilities as possible. Doing so would help you earn a profit irrespective of the outcome. There is, of course, the chance of the improbable happening and you being wiped out!

Here’s an example. You’ve wagered $140 on numbers 19 to 36 (the high numbers). On the values 13 to 18 (the medium figures), you decide to bet $50. The remaining $10 covers the insurance zero. While this example is more pertinent to European roulette (just the one zero to account for), the basic premise remains the same.

By the looks of it, you’re prepared for every eventuality. Nevertheless, you’d still lose if the numbers 1 to 12 appear in the outcome. You’re set to win $80 on the appearance of the numbers from 19 to 36, $100 on 13 to 18, and $160 on the insurance zero.

To Sum Up…

Close-Up Angled View of a Roulette Wheel
Close-Up Image Showing a Portion of a Casino Roulette Wheel.

There’s merit in each of these roulette systems helping you win more. However, it would help if you learned how to use them well. You must be well aware of the nuances and technicalities of each. When to stop, when to go hard, and when to get out while you’re on a hot streak are vital considerations.

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