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Roulette is easily one of the most popular casino games to have ever been created. A long-standing staple for many casino-goers, the rise of online roulette games has made this gambling game even more accessible over the years.

Most casino games rely heavily on luck. After all, it is not called gambling without reason. Of course, there is an element of strategy involved in several casino games. Luck also plays a major role in the outcome for each spin while playing roulette. The game involves a croupier spinning a wheel and releasing a small ball in the direction opposite to the spin. The wheel gradually slows down, and the ball settles into one of the many numbered pockets in the wheel.

The roulette table houses the wheel at one end, and the other end contains a layout of various bets that you can place during each spin. The success or failure of the bets is determined by the pocket where the ball lands when the wheel stops moving. Roulette makes for an exciting game, and it is easy to learn after just a few rounds.

Luck has an important role to play in roulette, but there is a need to use some strategy when betting, so you can last longer in the session and make the most of your gambling budget. Expert gamblers have devised countless strategies and betting systems over the decades to make roulette a more profitable game.

The Martingale system happens to be one of the most popular betting systems. Today, we will focus on a more obscure betting system called the two-faced system roulette strategy. Some experts call the two-faced roulette strategy a “special” system. We will take a better look at this roulette betting system to help you determine whether it truly is a special approach to placing bets for you to use in your next session.

The Two-Faced System Roulette Strategy Does Not Give A Mathematical Edge Over The Casino

Landing successful bets in roulette require gaining a statistical advantage to increase your chances of winning against the house. It is important to remember that the casino always has a statistical edge over you in any casino game, including roulette.

You always have the chance to win big, but the bets in the game do not pay off at the same odds as you have of winning. Suppose that you keep playing roulette for a long time, and you start off with a hot streak and several consecutive wins. Eventually, your hot streak will end, and the house will take more from you than you win from the casino in the long run.

Advantage play strategies are defined as methods to play gambling games that help you beat the house in the long run. Of course, this should not matter if you are playing roulette for fun because using a betting system can make the experience more interesting for you.

What Is The Two-Faced Roulette Strategy?

The basic premise behind the two-faced betting system in roulette is that you place a bet on a big number and its opposite number. By big number, we are referring to the idea that roulette wheels are not entirely random. Big numbers are the ones where the ball tends to land more often than others. It could be because of something with the wheel, pure luck, or the dealer’s routine of spinning the wheel and releasing the ball in a way that it lands on some numbers more often.

It would make sense to bet on the hot number to increase your chances of landing a winning spin. Some players tend to bet on the hot number and the numbers beside it on the wheel. Others prefer betting on the number opposite to the hot number on the wheel. The idea behind betting on the opposite number is that there are only so many times the ball will land on the big number. If the ball lands on the big number after the current spin, it will be unlikely to land on the same number in the next spin.

Determining the big number effectively involves playing 19 to 20 spins to see which number the ball hit at least twice. Of course, single-number bets are quite risky, and it would be wise to be cautious about how much money you wager on several single-number bets.

How To Use The Two-Face Roulette Strategy

First things first, you need to identify a big number. Let’s suppose black 20 is the big number after 19 spins. You will bet on black 20 and the two numbers adjacent to it on each side.

You will also place single-number bets on the number opposite to black 20 on the wheel and the two adjacent numbers. As you can see, you will need to place several single-number bets to use the strategy.

Suppose you placed $5 single-number bets on the six different numbers. The ball landing on black 20 would pay off $175 for the win. However, you will also lose $5 on each of the other single-number bets you placed for a loss of $25, giving you a profit of $150.

Wrapping It Up

High-stakes roulette
An image of upper-class people playing a game of high-stakes roulette in a casino.

The betting system can be quite profitable if you can land successful bets with single-number wagers. Unfortunately, you can also lose money quickly if you keep using the strategy. There is no basis for a mathematical advantage with the two-faced roulette strategy. You need to get lucky for the system to work.

Your chances of successfully using the betting system can be higher if the wheel is actually biased or there is something about the dealer’s routine that favors a few numbers more than others. Finding biased wheels is a near impossibility in this day and age because modern roulette wheels are well-designed, durable, and regularly replaced by casinos. As far as any dealer signatures are concerned, it is very unlikely for it to impact the result of a spin enough to warrant using a betting system relying on it.

Did you find this post about the two-faced system roulette strategy informative? Get strapped in because we have plenty more to offer about this wonderful and exciting casino game. The two-faced system only works when playing roulette in a brick-and-mortar establishment. There are plenty of strategies you can use in online roulette games. Follow our blog at Fullroulette to read more posts that teach you the tips and tricks on everything related to roulette.

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