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Every roulette betting mechanism has its limitations. At some point, they’re all guaranteed to fall short and dash your hopes big-time. When this starts to happen more often, players run out of money. On the other hand, the casino thanks them for their time and the substantial revenue they’ve brought in.

While playing, you need to keep those impulses of immediately wanting to win big after a loss in check. This is the best way to stay in the game. To help you do that, this piece will talk about roulette cheats that a casino doesn’t want players to know about. So, let’s dive right into the discussion…

4 Little Known Roulette Cheats

Any time you’re playing roulette, do so with the expectation that you would eventually lose, irrespective of the sophistication of your betting system. Nevertheless, knowing the following “cheats” would help you make well-informed decisions during a game. As a result, you would be able to make more accurate bets. Ultimately, you’ll have a better chance of winning big.

Remember to Use the “Finest” Even Money Wager

Even with their low odds, some players have an inclination for “outside bets.” This is based on the simple idea that a player’s likelihood of winning increases with decreasing odds.

For starters, you won’t hold any mathematical edge no matter what even money outside wager you go for.  However, you can improve your probability of success by taking a couple of 2-to-1 bets. Each of these wagers should cover 12 values. Hence, you’ll make two separate “2 dozen bets.” By doing so, your coverage would increase to 24 numbers (from 18). 

Keep in mind that you might still end up losing the hand even if you play this one perfectly. Nevertheless, your possibility of winning would go up by around 33%.

There’s No Difference Between Betting the Maximum & Vice Versa

Going all in (with the table limit) on a single spin. It can hardly get more aggressive than that. In case that’s the full extent of your bankroll and you end up losing the hand, be ready to leave for home soon afterward. Many casino high rollers risk putting a wager on the table limit for almost every spin. 

Of course, doing so requires a combination of deep pockets, courage, and even more faith that it’s your lucky day (or night). The hope is that you or anyone reading this has their finances in order and that mortgage payment isn’t being gambled away. That’s because your chances of winning stay the same whether you bet the minimum table limit or the maximum. Pinning all your hopes on one spin won’t make you more likely to win.

Those Wagers Are Only Independent In Relation to You

On the face of it, the house edge in roulette seems quite low. Yet, casino management is always eager to get more visitors playing this game. This is because as more gamblers join the party, the house leverages its losses against all the wins. In other words, a casino wants to pay the winner from the amount accumulated by others’ losses. 

You’re playing European roulette, and four other players are in the game. Each of you wager the table minimum on unique single numbers. Theoretically, all five gamblers have 37-to-1 odds of winning. However, the winner will be paid at 36-to-1. The casino has just leveraged the losses of the other four competitors and decreased its own hit.

Hence, with the five players all taking single-number wagers, the gambling facility is guaranteed at least four bets every time. The fact that the house’s probability of winning all five bets during any spin is 32/37 is irrelevant. All it needs are seven wins, and they’ll be ahead on the initial 36-to-1 payout. On the flip side, the players aren’t that likely to pick up another win during that timeframe.

In a nutshell, players tend to account for the house edge significantly more than the casino. As a result, the more bets players make, the easier it is for a gambling facility to offset its losses against the gamblers. This is the reason why you should only spread your wagers out on low-risk options.

An Aggressive Minimum Bet: Understand the Real Implications

Making the aggressive minimum wager is, by its very nature, a conservative approach. You start by taking three 2-to-1 bets. This helps cover every value other than the green slot(s). But remember that three equal wagers with a 2-to-1 payout would always lead to a loss. So, you need to add some variety to the betting amounts. Below is a suggested approach.

  • The table minimum times 1.
  • The table minimum times 2.
  • The table minimum times 3.

If you’re playing European roulette, there’s a 36/37 chance that the outcome will be one of your chosen values. Your hope would be that it hits a number belonging to one of the first two sets. That way, you’ll earn a profit and maintain one of your higher wagers.

In case your lowest wager is in play, the net loss would only be the table minimum times 3. Besides, the worst that can happen is that the ball lands on a zero, and all your three bets end up in a loss. Nevertheless, as long as your bets stay close to the minimum limit, like $150 on a $25 table, you’ll be okay. 

Final Words

Roulette Wheel & Ball Partial View
Close-Up Shot of a Casino Roulette Wheel Drum & Ball with Lucky Numbers.

Roulette can provide a lot of fun, particularly when you’re winning. But, keep in mind not to get too attached to and place your hopes on a betting mechanism. Rather, practice some money management skills while putting limits on your game. You don’t need to go broke to have a good time. If you win a few hands, walk away happy with the extra dollars and celebrate because you’ve earned it!

That’s all for now. Keep following Full Roulette for more informative and engaging content on roulette and related casino games.

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