read here to find out what types of people you will see at a Roulette Table.
Roulette is one of France’s oldest Casino games, invented in the eighteenth century. Over the years, this game adopted itself into American and European Casino games, each with its versions and rules. 

You will see Roulette tables in every Casino you go to, and a crowd will always gather around the table. If you’ve ever played at a Roulette table, you’re probably familiar with the types of people there are. If you haven’t, we’ve got you. 

We will tell you about the different types of people at a Roulette table that you will see. Are you wondering what kind you are? Read here to find out. 

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a gambling game found in almost every Casino. The game consists of a wheel with numbers spun and a ball dropped onto the spinning wheel. The numbers are colored red or black. 

The French and European versions of the game have thirty-seven numbers on the wheel, eighteen red, eighteen black, and 0 is an additional number. In the American version, there are thirty-eight, with 0 and 00 being additional numbers.

Players can bet in various ways on a Roulette table. You either bet on whether the ball will land on an even number, an odd number, a red number, or a black number, or on whether the ball will land on a high number or a low number. You can even decide to bet on a single number. The payoff increases as the probability of your bet decreases, with single bets having the greatest payoff. 

8 Types of People at a Roulette Table

Here are the types of people you will find at a Roulette Table
A Roulette with chips on a table. 

Roulette tends to gather large crowds due to its high payoff and thrill of seeing if the ball lands on your betted number. With such a large crowd, there are bound to be different types of people at a Roulette table. Let’s see some of these types of people. 

The Nervous Nelly

These kinds of people are almost a must-have at every Casino table. You might be able to locate them. They are the ones biting their fingernails and messing with their hair, sitting on the edge of their seat; they will groan the loudest when they lose. They will also give a big sigh of relief when they win.  

The Upbeat Youngster

They are normally twenty or thirty years old and either has a well-earning job or saved up money just for this. Most of them just graduated college and want a good time. They mostly gravitate to the slots or the Roulette table, not interested in time-consuming games like poker. If they seem cheery, shout, and dance, you can tell they’re an upbeat youngster.

The First Timer

These types are divided into two types. Either they just turned of legal age or never really came to a Casino before and now have enough money to try it out. Poker and blackjack can be played at home or at gatherings. But a Roulette Table can only be found at a Casino. 

These people are usually curious about the game and don’t often stick around long enough. They also won’t mind losing a few times as long as they get to try it out. 

The Strategist 

This type is rather rare. They believe that every gambling game can be won through strategy alone. And while that may be true for games like poker, Roulette doesn’t depend much on it. These players have played hundreds of rounds of Roulette and believe they know the trick to winning it. 

After careful consideration, they will take their time placing their bets and get increasingly engrossed in the game as the wheel turns. Watch out if you find a serious-looking person staring daggers at the wheel. There’s a strategist at the table. 

The Go Big or Go Home

They are often drunk most of the time. If they’re not, they only have one goal in mind: to win big. They don’t hesitate to make the biggest bets with the lowest odds. Coincidently, these are also the people that lose the most. But if they win, they win big. 

The Cool Ones

They don’t play to win. Instead, they play ‘for fun’ They wager huge sums of money on different bets without a clear strategy. Losing isn’t a problem, and winning is a bonus. They might be a bit annoying, especially to the people who want to play the game seriously. If you hear someone saying, “It’s just a game.” You know who you’re dealing with. 

The Cheerleader

They don’t play that much but feed off on the anxiety and thrill of other players. They circulate the table, and if someone is betting big, they gather around them. They cheer when the person wins and groans when the person loses. 

The best thing about them is that they don’t do it expecting to get a free drink or anything. They enjoy it. If you win, they will come up with you with hearty congratulations and leave without another word, and you’re left wondering if you knew them from somewhere.

The Chatty Kathy

A Chatty Kathy isn’t only found on long airplane rides or waiting lines, but they are versatile enough to reach the Roulette table. They talk throughout the game. Rather than focusing on whether they won, they’d rather focus on telling you about when a friend lost all their money at a Casino.

To their benefit, there isn’t much else to do at a Roulette table other than stare at the wheel. You need to do something to pass the time. 

To Sum Up

A Roulette table has a mix of different personalities clashing together in a mesh of gamblers. If you don’t think you’re one of these people at a Roulette table, you might be a peeper. They are people who sit and observe what kind of people others are. 

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