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Roulette is a classic casino game enjoyed by a large number of people. Since the early aristocracy of the middle of the 16th century, roulette has attracted a sizable following. According to popular belief, it was created by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. Since its conception, his product, the roulette wheel, has existed in a state of constant motion. You can tell that it is a top-notch gambling game by the number of devoted followers it has. The game can be played in a variety of ways, some conventional and some unusual, and many gamers have even developed their own methods of attack for it. Let’s take a look at four enthusiastic roulette gamers and the fascinating roulette strategies they use.  

Charlotte (The Inside Girl)

This specific player has been playing roulette for many years. They communicated what they had learned over such a prolonged period. Although they have had some really amazing evenings enjoying the game, they do not believe they are ahead, which is certain given how difficult it is to win. Because the casino has an advantage in the game, Charlotte does not believe that those who have played quite a lot can genuinely be ahead. This player will start their play using their own birthday along with anniversaries and birthdays of their loved ones, such as parents, brothers, other family members, and friends. 

Every time, ten bets in total, all of which are placed directly on the numbers, will be dispersed over the layout. If one wins, they keep it for the following round and use the same procedure to switch the other nine bets to different numbers. Fortunately, Charlotte has a large network of family and friends. The player eventually runs out of particular dates, but they then rely on their instincts and choose numbers. Charlotte will wager on ten numbers that they collectively view as “power numbers” throughout the course of the session. 

The player may occasionally place bets on other propositions, but these bets are not the main focus of their game. Even-money wagers like “red and black” don’t hold any appeal for them. Their name suggests that they are more of an inside girl. They want to succeed at roulette and receive the 35:1 payout. For them, even-money simply isn’t that exciting. 

This player continues to play until they are really exhausted or they run out of cash. Since they don’t drink frequently, alcohol plays no part in the play at all. Additionally, the player separates their gaming funds from their everyday funds so that they are never combined. Finally, Charlotte just plays roulette and is a genuine roulette fanatic.

Brennan (The Outsider)

Brennan follows a specific strategy and never drifts from it, yet if things seem to be going well, they might add some bets and gradually increase the bets they have been placing. They are always up for taking chances because they desire good wins, not just small ones. In a sense, this player is an outsider. On the even money line, they only place a “high” or “low” wager. 

Additionally, they place a bet on one column and three twelve’s. Hence, they tend to be up on all three of their bets. When one of their bets hits, they promptly parley it in half.  For instance, if “high” comes up and they earn $50, they will place another bet of $75 on “high.” They increase all of them by a half-parley if they succeed on two or three bets. A few consecutive hits on the twelve’s and columns, which pay two to one, can bring in some respectable profit. 

Next, when one or more of their propositions wins a second consecutive bet, they engage in a half-parley once more. When they believe that they have had enough for the day, Brennan will stop playing. When things start out miserably, they could go on to a different table and try their fortune there. If they are losing, they won’t be too loud.

Millicent (The Toast Mistress)

Outside of the casino, this player does not drink frequently. However, they love a few drinks when they are in a casino and feel at ease playing roulette after several drinks. Millicent’s work is quite stressful, so coming to the casino is a nice distraction. 

At the same time, it is exhilarating and soothing as well. Their playing strategy is purely random. They simply bet on hunches. Sometimes they are inside bets on a small number, other times they are outside bets on outer numbers, and still other times they are bets on outside and inside numbers. 

Millicent does not pay attention to anything except their own bets, thus they are unaware of how other players play. They simply follow the process and have no specific plan at all. Both great and horrible evenings have been experienced by them. This player is motivated by playing, not really by winning or losing. 

Millicent definitely prefers winning over losing, but they are aware that the house always has the advantage, so they are not surprised when they lose. They play for around two or three hours before stopping. 

Lonnie (The Warrior)

The name of this player denotes their readiness for fight and combat knowledge. They see roulette as a battle between the players and the roulette wheel. Therefore, they stand as a fighter against the house edge. Lonnie just places one or sometimes two bets during a wheel turn. They engage in big number gambling. 

They will bet on a number if it has shown on the scoreboard more than once. They search for another number to wager on when the number vanishes. To bet on that number, they need two instances of it on the scoreboard. Their approach is frequently referred to as the “big number” strategy. This approach has certain flaws as well. They will wager those two different numbers if these numbers are doubled up. They would double their bet on a number if it appears three times, believing it to be a hot number, or what this player refers to as a “giant number.”

More than two or three separate numbers recurring is very uncommon, and a number hitting three times is truly exceptional. However, this player searches for such things. They enjoy how the game is continually changing for them. They don’t care about outside wagers and think they’re uninteresting. There is a feeling that something significant will occur when they use the “big number” strategy.

Final Verdict 

By reading the betting strategies and stories of these well experienced and enthusiastic roulette players, you can gain a lot of insights and knowledge about the game. Implementing your strategies will help you spice up your game, with considerable payouts each time. 

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