Celebrities who play Roulette
Roulette is a notorious casino game that is loved by people worldwide. We often hear stories from someone that they met a particular celebrity at a casino, and you might think they are lying because why would celebrities come to casinos? Well, not only do they come to casinos, there are celebrities who are good at Roulette and other casino games.

This article will include a list of celebrities who are good at Roulette. Read below to find out if your favorite celebrity is part of the list. 

Nine Celebrities Who are Good at Roulette 

Celebrities are people like us. Like us, they breathe, eat, sleep, talk, walk, and play casino games. Here is a list of Nine Celebrities who are good at Roulette. 

1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles is one of the biggest musicians in the world and is fond of more than just the stage. His history of playing Roulette goes back to when he wasn’t even of age when he was first photographed while playing a roulette game in 2013 when he was 19. 

While the photograph caught a lot of backlash for Harry Styles, making people think he won’t be playing Roulette ever again, Styles tattooed his shoulder with “17 black,” which shows that his love for Roulette is alive and kicking. 

The singer’s love for the game exceeds that of traditional Roulette. In 2015, Styles took part in a “Tattoo Roulette,” a variant of the classic game where the loser hand to get a tattoo on James Corden’s Late Late Show. 

Styles wasn’t as good at this variant as he is at standard Roulette because the singer lost and got “Late Late” tattooed on his arm. 

2. Ian Fleming 

“The name’s Bond. James Bond.” These iconic lines came from a beloved character created by world-renowned writer Ian Fleming. We have seen many scenes of James Bond at the Casino, and they weren’t just fiction, but the idea came to Fleming after experiencing it himself. 

In his book, Casino Royale, Fleming detailed a strategy 007 uses in Roulette, a scene later depicted in the 1971 movie, Diamonds are Forever. The strategy became so famous that it was forever titled the “James Bond Strategy.”

3. Mike Ashley

The owner of the Newcastle United Football Club is not a shy gambler. Ashley is known more for visiting the biggest casinos in the UK than anything. 

One of Ashley’s favorite games included Roulette, where he won more than one million pounds by betting five hundred thousand pounds on 17. 

4. Ricky Hatton

Ricky Hatton throws a mean punch in the boxing ring and casinos. The pro boxer might not have been the best blackjack player, losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2007, but he sure had his way on a Roulette game. 

After losing to Mayweather at blackjack, Hatton visited the Mandalay Casino and started playing Roulettes. Hatton aimed to prove a point that he was more of a Roulette player than a blackjack player. 

5. Charles Barkley

While the famous basketball player was shackled by the rules of professional basketball that did not allow him to gamble, he went to hit the casinos as soon as he retired, and the shackles fell off. 

During his show on TNT, Barkley proudly talked about losing more than ten million dollars on casino games, including the Roulette table. However, he didn’t just lose but won many games at Roulette, making him come back again and again. 

6. Floyd Mayweather

Another basketball player on our list of celebrities who are good at Roulette is the one and only Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is famous for his gambling and casino hopping, but most people don’t know that he’s good at Roulette. 

In 2018, the basketball pro visited the Las Vegas casino and converted his twenty thousand dollars bet to a hundred thousand dollars winning in a single bet. One thing is sure: Mayweather is a God at basketball and Roulette.

7. Ben Affleck

While most know Ben Affleck as Batman, the famous DC hero, others know him for being a pro Roulette player. While Affleck is known for being a fan of every casino game, the actor seems exceptionally good at Roulette.

The actor, who won many awards as a director, producer, and actor, put his sights on the Roulette table and won several million dollars in major competitions, making him one of the most famous celebrities who are good at Roulette. 

8. Charles Wells

You are either a Celebrity who is good at Roulette or a roulette player who becomes a celebrity. Charles Wells was one such player whose fame grew because of his Roulette games. 

Wells went on a winning spree that lasted 48 hours and won him two million francs in 1891. If converted to today’s currency, that money would be hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Wells became so famous that he inspired the popular song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo,” Even after over a century, his name still lives on. 

9. Brad Pitt

The famous superstar, known worldwide, has played a leading role in blockbuster movies such as the Ocean franchise and has made a name in gambling on and off the screen. 

Fans could see a glimpse of the superstar’s gambling life in his movies, where his character played and won Roulette games. Pitt’s gambling habits are so infamous that there is a rumor that he was given the role in the famous heist movie franchise because of it. 


Which celebrities play Roulette
A roulette wheel and ball

While most casino players prefer to play poker for the thrill, a certain charm about the Roulette table hypnotizes and attracts players to it. The appeal is so powerful that even celebrities are not immune to it.
Our list of nine celebrities who are good at Roulette included some of the biggest names in the industry, but there are plenty more. While poker and blackjack may look cool on the screen, there is one game these celebrities go to in real life: Roulette.

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