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One of the best things about being part of the casino world is viewing casino games on the big screen. These movies can give you a lot of insight into roulette strategy and make the game even more interesting. 

 That is not to say that roulette needs any more excitement. In fact, casino games are far from boring. One bet can change your life, and simply being a part of the game can get the adrenaline rushing through your veins. 

Roulette doesn’t always offer a good time. Sometimes the losses can get to you. They can make you step away from the table and not want to play for a while. However, roulette scenes from popular movies can revive your interest, help you learn strategy without playing, and change your outlook. 

Roulette and Drama

Roulette is a useful plot device since it can easily depict or add to drama on screen. The rush of emotions connected to betting on the roulette wheel and the consecutive spinning has often been used to create breathtaking scenes full of sophistication and exhilaration. 

Many traditional casino games, such as poker and blackjack, have added that bling to the big screen. They aren’t just used to move along the plot but also to add a classy touch to the movie. Moreover, casino games are also used to provide relief from the plot, a setting for action in the background, or to pick up the pace. 

The game of roulette is a popular big-screen occurrence. Since anyone can easily get the gist of it, the attraction is much bigger. It is also a crowd favorite in the casino, which is probably why it shows more on the big screen. 

  1. Diamonds are Forever

We can’t talk about casino movies and not mention James Bond in his quintessential suit. Bond movies invented the classic background action sequences with casino games at the forefront. Roulette might not be the go-to game for Bond, but he does appear in quite a few related movies. 

Diamonds are Forever is a much older movie made before the age of online roulette. These movies take a lot from the live casino scene and show off the bling associated with the higher-end casinos. They are incomplete without the elite and their expensive costumes, food, and pockets. 

Bond’s casino game is strong, but he should probably pick something other than roulette. The movie follows the famous agent as he attempts to win through a roulette strategy involving flat betting on similar numbers in each round. We think this strategy may be a bit reckless. 

Regardless, Sean Connery’s roulette scenes establish 007’s impactful character in one of the most popular bond movies ever. The song, the sets, and the sophisticated costumes come together to create an image in the minds of casino players that will remain forever. 

  1. Casablanca

Another classic, this movie is a force to be reckoned with as it set the tone for many other casino movies that followed. This 1942 romantic drama stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, who play the roles of a café owner and his former lover. 

The beautiful Michael Curtiz direction paints a surreal World War 2 picture that maps the couple’s frantic run from the Nazis in French Morocco. Casablanca has been a crowd favorite, amongst both fans and critics. Anybody who is anybody in the entertainment industry will always have something to say about Casablanca. 

One of the best Casablanca scenes involves Bogart misleading a Bulgarian player into betting on 22, ultimately winning money and getting himself and his fiancée out of the situation. 

  1. Bad Times at the El Royale

A movie that screams roulette from the name Bad Times at the El Royale will always be remembered for its thrilling roulette scenes. It probably doesn’t have anything to teach you about roulette. However, the roulette wheel plays a central role; anytime it comes on screen, it drives a chill down your spine. 

The roulette wheel is a stand-in for metaphors and attempts to convey to the audience what the scriptwriter wants to say. 

  1. Run Lola Run

Another popular entry, Run Lola Run, is a movie by Tom Tykwer, one of the best filmmakers in Germany. The movie doesn’t just depict roulette and the casino scene. Still, it creates an entire movie around the casino feel, using colors, costumes, and direction to convey the feel of the casino. 

After Perfume, this is the movie the filmmaker is known for most, simply due to the artistic value. The 1998 thriller depicts Lola, played by Franka Potente. The girl has one goal throughout the movie; go big at the roulette wheel and earn 100,000 Deutschmarks to get her boyfriend free of his boss in the criminal world. 

The scene we have come to love is where Lola screams to influence the popular roulette ball. It is a must-watch for all roulette fans!

  1. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The last addition to this list is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a comedy by Frank Oz starring Michael Caine, Steve Martin, and Glenne Headly. The story revolves around con men who run after one girl. The Roulette scene involves one of the con men pretending to be a disabled veteran trading in his medals for a spin of the Roulette wheel. 

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