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Twitch is a well-known American service specializing in live-streaming video games, including esports coverage. It is owned by Amazon and has an enormous user base. Recently, though, the platform has struggled to attract casino enthusiasts.

In a policy update that took effect on October 18, 2022, Twitch said that it would prohibit the broadcasting of gambling sites that contain slots, roulette, or dice games. The platform is taking this necessary action for several reasons, which we will see in detail today.

The Ban on Roulette and Other Casino Games

Gambling videos have always been controversial on Twitch, but recently, well-known streamers have complained about them. Some streamers also considered launching a strike if the platform does not take their concerns seriously.

The debate concerning casino broadcasting on Twitch gained traction in June 2021. On June 28, a top twitch streamer, Lengyel or xQc, declared that he would quit participating in gambling broadcasts, claiming that he had developed a mild gambling addiction.

While this was happening, many content producers were talking about how streamers openly utilized casino money or distorting the dangers. According to another streamer, Niknam, better known as Trainwreckstv, most content producers utilize fake balances so they don’t lose any of their money.

The emergence of casino games on Twitch has drawn criticism from a significant portion of the platform’s larger population. For example, Asmongold, a famous American YouTuber, demanded a total ban on live casino broadcasts on Twitter.

Following complaints from its audience, Twitch recently banned unauthorized gambling streaming on its site. The live-streaming service won’t broadcast any websites that aren’t authorized in the United States or other countries with adequate consumer protection.

After noticing the potential damage they have brought to the region, the restriction has been imposed on streaming sites like Rollbit.com, Stake.com, Roobet.com, and Duelbits.com, which focus on slots, dice games, and roulette.

Although streamers have previously bet on the platform, casino streaming caught more traction when Trainwreckstv and xQc started playing casino games on Twitch. The slots category peaked in popularity in May 2022 and has been among the site’s top ten most visited categories ever since.

A former Twitch streamer, Devin Nash, said that the gambling streams are terrible for the platform and claimed them to be the reason for his abandonment of Twitch. In several tweets, he said gambling was harmful to young Twitch viewers, terrible for genuine advertisers, and decreased the value of the entire website.

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An image of poker chips placed on a table

Reasons Behind the Ban

Most of Twitch’s users are between the ages of 13 and 17. Many believe that the sensitive qualities of young kids and the development of the gambling industry could lead to many developing gambling addictions.

Children are only one part of the issue. Gambling addiction is an important concern everywhere. Its possible outcomes include financial ruin, sadness, and even suicide. Some people view the simple fact that Twitch permits gambling material and that streamers are paid to generate it as a serious issue in and of itself.

However, many video producers have centered their whole networks on gambling, and they depend on it for revenue. It is also evident that tens of thousands of people watch the content and find it entertaining. However, this doesn’t mean that Twitch should not ban gambling activities on the platform. 

Another important reason for the ban to be put in place is the ItsSliker scandal, which saw prominent streamers, including Pokimane and Mizkif, use the hashtag #Twitchstopgambling on Twitter. ItsSliker allegedly conned his friends and supporters out of about $200,000, so he could bet on streams.

He abused their good nature by telling his targets that his bank account was blocked and he needed money to survive. People who donated believed they were assisting a struggling streamer monetarily, but they instead fueled his gambling habit, which ItsSliker eventually admitted to having. Streamers lukeafkfan and Lacari were two of the more well-known individuals to fall for ItsSliker’s scam.

Many well-known streamers decided to act and assist the folks who had given ItsSliker money after word of his behavior spread online. For example, Ludwig Ahgren and Félix Lengyel pledged to assist in refunding all of ItsSliker’s sufferers.

Following the surprising revelations, a heated discussion on why Twitch should outlaw gambling broke out on Twitter. Some users actively promoted the ban. Others believe it is justified, given the risks associated with gambling. Only a few were against it. 

However, ItsSliker was urged to be banned by content producers like Asmongold for scamming viewers. All in all, ItsSliker, along with some encouragement from broadcasters, eventually drove Twitch to adopt a strict stance on gambling.

While many streamers suffered consequences for engaging in gambling while live-streaming, Twitch never modified its official policies or service terms to effectively stop this from happening again. It took a shocking number of events for Twitch to eventually change its mind, as evidenced by the scam explained above.

Pokimane, Mizkif, and Devin Nash, three well-known figures, proposed attacking Twitch financially. These streamers talked about planning a boycott if Twitch didn’t outlaw gambling broadcasts. Twitch could have lost a lot of money if Pokimane had decided to stop streaming on the platform, but the three also talked about recruiting more players.

Final Verdict

It’s vital to remember that Twitch has only outlawed illegal gambling and services. As some have suggested, this is hardly an official ban. It indicates that streamers that depend on gambling material are still allowed to produce it, just as long as they follow the updated guidelines. Let’s see what the future holds; for some, this new policy stance won’t have a major effect. However, for streamers who rely primarily on casino gaming content, the ban can have a severe negative impact.

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