Roulette experiences
While playing roulette, players go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes, the odds work out in their favor; other times, they don’t. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what you’re going to experience when you’re playing roulette.

Some say they experience warm feelings while playing the game, and it has nothing to do with what they’re drinking. A few players also say that they feel like they are in another realm.

These different roulette experiences are real and quite powerful. A player’s emotions are important when it comes to playing casino games as they allow them to dig deeper into their psyche. The emotions allow players to put everything they’ve got into the game.

Today, we’ll explore different types of roulette experiences that players feel to understand each of them.

Roulette Experiences

Explosive Experience

The most obvious emotional state of a player engaged in roulette is their upfront expression. Players hate losing and want to win. They usually show a major reaction to bad and good moments in the game. When they lose, they moan, abuse the casino, or sit in an angry state. Figuring out what they are feeling is not hard because their expressions reveal their emotions.

Roulette is a game of chance, and many players develop a relaxed attitude to losing streaks, but it is a major part of the game. However, there comes a time when a losing streak gets so prolonged that it passes their threshold to remain calm. In such a scenario, they will certainly respond. You can observe other players and identify how they’re going to react when playing roulette. If they continue losing, they will certainly break.

Winning can be more explosive than losing. For example, a direct hit on a single number can bring immediate joy to the player. A sequence of these kinds of wins with limited losses will create such excitement in the player that they will be supercharged with emotion. 

Oceanic Experience

It is easy to identify the explosive experiences of roulette players as they are evident by their emotions during the game. However, there are some subtle varieties of emotions, which are known as oceanic experiences. These transcend into the subconscious mind and meditative levels.

After staying at a roulette table for a while, players drop into a mesmerized state as they continue watching the wheel spin and the ball land, hop, and jump the pockets. It almost feels as if the wheel is a hypnotic trinket. For these players, winning and losing aren’t that important because they are in a different state.

Different roulette players have shared their experiences of playing roulette where they felt like they were meditating. One player shared their story, saying that when playing roulette, they can see the wheel rotate clearly, making them fall into a meditative state. 

They feel like they are actually meditating, and it calms them down. As a result, they don’t usually feel upset even when losing. If they are winning, they still stay in that calm state. For them, it’s like floating in the ocean (hence the name).

Visions and Dreams

Some experiences are even deeper than the oceanic roulette experiences and are related to visions and dreams. Before you jump to conclusions, no, there are no drugs and alcohol involved. Instead, only players who are in complete control of their emotions are able to feel this way.

If you are relaxed as the roulette game progresses, you might feel your mind running through sequences that can be referred to as ‘waking dreams,’ where time passes quickly. Images appear in your mind, similar to those in your dreams. These images look real and can basically be termed as visions. No one knows what causes these visions to appear. Maybe it’s because of watching the wheel too closely. Or it’s because you are lost in the movements of the ball.

One of the roulette players shared their experience of seeing visions while playing the game. They iterate that after an hour or two, they drift off. It seems like they are dreaming, but they don’t lose sight of the game and know what’s happening. However, a part of them feels like it is in a different universe.

The roulette wheel plays a major part in the vision and dream state. The reason is that most players who experience this state say that they watch the wheel every time they make a decision instead of looking at other players or the layout.

Forgetting the Game’s Mathematical Elements

Almost all casino games, including roulette, involve some mathematical elements. The games are structured in such a way that the casino will always have an edge. The packaging of the game, however, does not look like mathematics. For example, roulette involves shorting the payouts on player wins and winning more decisions than the player.

While playing roulette, some people forget that the casino always has a mathematical edge over them. They don’t realize that their chances of winning are slim. If luck is in their favor, they might continue betting more without realizing the odds of losing are high. 

Casinos love to win over the money of these players. How and why people forget about mathematics remains a mystery. Maybe it’s because of the mesmerizing nature of the game, or it could be due to their emotions taking hold of them. This is why we always advise players to keep their emotions in check while playing roulette or any other casino game. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, different types of experiences are felt while playing roulette. Some of them can have a negative impact on your game. Therefore, we recommend not thinking too much about other things or focusing too much on the wheel. Keep a firm hold over your emotions, and don’t find yourself in a state where you are unaware of what’s happening in the game. This will only make you lose more, which no player wants.

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