Biggest Roulette Wins Recorded in History
Roulette is a popular casino game with a rich history. Dating back to the 18th century. While some people believe that Roulette is an easy-going game where you can not win big, our list of the Seven biggest Roulette wins recorded in history begs to differ. 

This article will tell you about the biggest wins in Roulette and the lucky people who made it happen. Read on to find out more. 

Seven biggest Roulette Wins Recorded in History.

Below is our list of the Seven biggest roulette wins made by players by sheer luck or some grand strategy. 

1. Charles Deville Wells

This might be the oldest ever recorded biggest roulette win in history. Charles Wells was a small crook who won big in 1891. 

Wells, the lucky trickster he was, managed to win 23 of 30 roulette spins in Monte Carlo Casino Resort. Charles Wells became the inspiration for Charles Coborn’s song “The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo.”

Wells didn’t feel like his luck was over and came back to the Casino again and won about a million francs. His winnings accumulated to 2,000,000 Francs, which would be tens of millions of dollars in today’s time (accounting for inflation). 

2. Ashley Revell 

In our list of the biggest roulette wins, we include an inspiring story of Ashley Revell, who decided to take his entire life savings to Las Vegas to bet it all on Roulette in 2004.

When we say his entire life savings, we do not mean the money in his bank account. Revell sold his car, house, clothes, and anything else he owned. So, when we say entire, we mean entire

We do not advise doing the same because there was something wrong with the man. Not only did he take all his money, but he also bet it all on one spin. All $135,000 was bet on red, and Revell kissed the ball before the wheel was spun. 

His eyes were locked on the ball as it slowly fell in the red 7. Revell had managed to double his net worth and walked out with $270,000. 

This amount isn’t as much as some of the others in our list of the biggest Roulette wins, but the sheer volume of guts Ashley Revell showed earned him a spot on our list. 

3. Mike Ashley 

There might be something in the name “Ashley” because these people seem to be winning big. 

Mike Ashley wasn’t a struggling gambler by a long shot; he was actually doing well in life. Mike Ashley is a billionaire and owner of the Newcastle United football team. 

Mike was known to be somewhat of a gambling addict. In 2008, seeking to scratch that itch, Mike went to a private casino in Mayfair and bet 480,000 pounds on a complete bet. The ball landed on 17, and Mike won. 

Although the payout was smaller since he didn’t pick one number, it still got him 820,000 pounds. 

4. Pedro Grendene Bartelle 

Most of our Roulette winners who manage the biggest Roulette wins in history did so behind the curtain, only allowing us to hear about the win. 

However, Pedro Grendene Bartelle’s win was caught on camera, allowing us to be part of the fun. In 2017, Bartelle’s, a Brazilian businessman, visited Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, Uruguay, with his friends to have a good time. 

For some reason, Bartelle felt lucky and bet $35,000 on number 32. You might have guessed it, the ball landed on 32, winning Bartelle’s a whooping three million dollars. 

5. Sir Philip Green 

Sir Philip Green was not your run-of-the-mill gambler but was a billionaire who frequented Les Ambassadeurs casino in London. 

In 2004, the chairman of the Arcadia Group hit a winning streak and started worrying the casino owners. He played a mix of reds and blacks with some straight one-number bets for the high payout of 35:1. 

Green ended up winning more than two million Euros, causing the owners of Les Ambassadeurs to sweat for a while. 

6. Billy Walters

One of the biggest Roulette wins ever recorded in history took place in the 1980s by Billy Walters, a sports bettor. 

Walters wasn’t just playing Roulette for fun but took the game as seriously as anyone could, even hiring a whole team to help him. The group consisted of gamblers visiting different casinos to look for defects. 

One such Casino was the all-famous Caesars Palace, and played various bets of a thousand to two thousand dollars a spin. He eventually emptied more than three million dollars from Caesars Palace. 

7. Joseph Jagger

One of history’s oldest and biggest Roulette wins was Joseph Jagger’s 1873 win. Jagger worked in the mechanical sector, had a thorough understanding of machine operations, and sought to use his knowledge to win big. 

Jaggers bribed six clerks in Monte Carlo into detailing the results of the roulette wheels in the Casino and realized that some wheels were biased towards specific numbers, mainly 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, and 28. 

Over the next few days, Jagger took advantage of the wheel’s faulty mechanism and won over $375,000. This might not seem much compared to some of the other winnings on the list, but this was back in 1873. In today’s money, his winnings would be in the millions. 

Jagger’s idea could not be repeated because the Casino soon realized what was happening and threw out all the faulty roulette tables. However, Jagger was more than happy with the outcome and found his own business, never again taking part in scamming the Casino again. 

To Sum Up

Seven Biggest Roulette Wins
Red chips falling on a Roulette Table

Our list of the seven biggest Roulette wins recorded in history included the lucky and the clever. However, the game still comes down to luck and how much you are willing to risk, so we can’t say that the seven on our list used some formula to win. 

We end with the eternal words of Brian Tracy, “I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.”

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