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Live roulette can be exciting. With the many outcomes and an accessible platform, many roulette players flock to this mode daily. However, it can be vastly different from land-based roulette and must be played accordingly. 

One such version is the Playtech Age of the Gods bonus roulette. The live dealer roulette game offers three additional unique elements that players can choose from, adding variety to the play. The game has been created to make the original game more fun and engaging. 

Age of the Gods roulette is a perfect way to spend your free time if you don’t want to take a trip to your local casino. It allows you to play the game from the comfort of your home without stepping out and interacting with casino players. 

What is Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette? 

Playtech created the Age of the Gods bonus roulette to add more variety to the game. This game has three different elements;

  • It includes a traditional roulette game built around American Roulette rules. The wheel contains 38 pockets (a Zero, 1-36, and a Bonus pocket). 
  • It also requires you to add 0.99% of all your bets into the progressive jackpot, which builds up until one player triggers it. The game has four such jackpots waiting to be won.
  • Another exciting feature is the bonus bet, where you can play a bonus round and win up to 300 times your bet value. 

Despite the varying rules, the game has the same RTP as traditional American Roulette. 

How Can I Play Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette?

Age of the Gods bonus roulette is played in much the same way as any other roulette game. The following steps may help you understand the rules better;

  • The first and most important part is the initial two bets (one mandatory and one optional) which start the game. 

The mandatory bet is quite like any other bet on the traditional American Roulette table. It allows you to place any kind of roulette bet. These include French Bets (betting on sections of the wheel), Inside Bets (betting on the inside of the wheel), and Outside Bets (betting on the outer sections). 

  • The moment you place your bets, you are granted entry into the Progressive Jackpot, which puts 0.99% of your bet into the progressive pot. 
  • You can also decide to place an optional bet called the bonus bet. This bet doesn’t have a limit. You can go as high as you want. This is usually reserved for the bigger pockets. 
  • Once the ball lands in the bonus pocket (if it lands), you can progress to the Bonus Round, which is the most inviting feature of this game.
  • The next bet will only be placed until the current spin results are revealed. 
  • The process repeats itself. 

Benefits of Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

The following key benefits outline why you should consider playing Age of the Gods bonus roulette;

  • The progressive jackpot isn’t just limited to the one game you are playing. All of the casinos or players playing the Age of the Gods roulette will eventually add to the jackpot. This means you can win all of their pool in bets. 
  • That’s not all—multiple Age of the Gods games pools into the same jackpot, which you can win. 
  • You can win from four different jackpots, one of which is seeded with more than $100,000.
  • The Age of the Gods bonus roulette is much more interactive and fun than the land-based roulette game. It is riskier, which gets the adrenaline rushing. However, this means you can win much more than the traditional game. 
  • The speedy interface allows for much better play than other live roulette games. 

Tips for Live Roulette

Some of the tips below may help you gain more wins when playing live roulette;

1. The Best Way to Win at Live Roulette is to Opt for More Outside Bets.

Outside bets allow you to win more often as they cover more numbers. However, you may not get much of a payout. 

2. Rely on Multiple Bets to Win the Jackpot

Don’t just rely on one bet; go for combination bets and experiment until you get the desired wins. The riskier the bet, the more you can win (it is recommended you stay within your bankroll).

3. Practice Before You Attempt the Real Game

There are many free versions of roulette that you can practice before playing the real game. Go for free roulette and try to understand how it differs from the land-based casino before betting on an actual game with high stakes. 

4. Understand the Basics

Before playing live roulette, you must be well-acquainted with the basics of land-based roulette. Until you get a grip on all the rules, you might not be able to score a big win. 

5. Start with Smaller Bets

If you give away all of your bankrolls at the beginning of the game, you might not be able to enjoy it for long. If your aim is to enjoy the game and not target the bigger wins, you should start with the smaller bets. 

 Roulette Table Close Up at Casino
Picture of a roulette table close up at the casino.

Final Thoughts

Winning at roulette isn’t that hard if you know the ropes. However, winning at live roulette is another ball game altogether (pun intended). The best way to score that final win is to play slowly but surely, keep your eye on the ball, and aim for the jackpot. 

If you are trying to go big, remember never to go beyond your bankroll. You may get caught in the inevitable loop of thinking the next bet will get you your win. However, it isn’t that easy to get that jackpot. 

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