Roulette Table and Ball
As the roulette wheel spins, it puts your luck into motion. The ball dances with the wheel, taking your breath away as it switches pockets. But what’s the point of betting if you don’t get something out of it? This is why roulette players often devise strategies to help them overcome the house edge. 

Since Roulette is a casino game, there are high chances of losing. However, the better your strategy, the easier it is to get the odds in your favor. The wheel may be randomized, but you can still make the best of a bad scenario. 

If you think land-based Roulette is fast, online Roulette may get your head spinning. Online casinos incorporate faster mechanisms for speedy bets and outcomes that can help more players play more games. If you want to win at online Roulette, here are some of the worst strategies that should be avoided;

1. Misinterpreting the Wheel

The roulette wheel is randomized, which should reflect in your strategy. Sticking to one number or part of the wheel may not be the best idea. Zoning in on one number throughout the game in the hopes of making it big may not be something you can keep up in the long run. 

If you consistently bet on one number, the odds of winning are minimal. This high-risk strategy should be replaced with mixing up the bets. Understand that the wheel spits out random outcomes. Play according to the wheel’s mechanisms. 

The outer bets are spread over a larger surface area and can get you most of your wins. Try to make bigger bets on these, as the payout may be smaller. However, the inner bets are riskier and may not lead to a win. Adopt a safe approach if you are betting on this part of the wheel.

2. Following Strategies Off the Screen

Don’t just believe everything that a roulette movie tells you. You may not win if you apply some strategies you witness on the big screen. After all, it is a movie and mostly fictional. If you see Bond increase his bet, don’t surpass your bankroll. After all, Bond may have deeper pockets. 

Some of the roulette systems might not work in the real world. Doubling your money, increasing your bet each time you lose, or following a progressive strategy may lead to many more losses. Sure, you can sprinkle in a few of these systems, but don’t lean on them entirely. 

3. Depending on Wheel Bias

Online Roulette isn’t like land-based Roulette. You may not find a bias in online roulette games. When playing live, it is much easier to record your results. However, there may not be any wheel bias to track and master.

Online roulette wheels are based on machines churning out random numbers and outcomes. In fact, sites will often tell you the hot and cold numbers since they know it will never give you an advantage. 

In land-based casinos, some numbers might be favored by a biased wheel. However, online roulette wheels are nearly perfect and will yield independent outcomes. If you spot a pattern, try to return to the game after a while and start noting the results again. You will soon realize that all patterns only stick around for a while. 

4. Betting Past Your Bankroll

Roulette players will often bet way past their bankroll to bag a win. You must remember that a loss cannot be turned into a win if you have no money left. To be a professional roulette player, you must learn how to let go.

Since online Roulette deals out way more losses than land-based casinos, you must set a limit and step away from your device when you have lost a maximum amount. Casinos will often urge you to play and assure you that you will win in the next spin. But since the wheel outcomes are independent, there’s no saying when you will win. 

Set yourself a bankroll and take regular breaks to analyze your performance, and consider whether it is time to do something different. Perhaps it is time to set the alarm in your phone to be reminded to rest your brain and your pockets!

5. Playing Till You Win

Some roulette players play the game thinking that the more they bet, the more they will win. This could not be further from the truth. As Roulette has a bigger house edge, the opposite might be true. The more you bet, the more chances there are of you losing. 

It is important to take regular breaks and avoid exhausting yourself. Don’t get caught in a trance, as it can make you lose focus, confidence, and good luck. Roulette is based on patience and confidence; the minute you lose them, you lose the game. 

The more tired you are, the more impulsive you will be. Conversely, rest can revive you and get you on track to a successful game. Online Roulette can also cause migraines and hinder your progress due to the blue light. Try to step away at intervals.

Roulette Wheel with Casino Chips
Picture of roulette wheel with casino chips.

Final Thoughts

If you love a good game of Roulette, there is no harm in continuing to play. Roulette can provide a great reprieve from your daily activities and get you excited for a game that can also help you make money along the way. 

However, don’t believe Roulette will get you all of your wins. Roulette has a bigger house edge, so the lesser your play, the lesser you will lose. Instead of investing a lot of money into one number, diversify your bets and split them into smaller, more likely pockets. 

Choose the roulette wheel that you are more comfortable with. You can decide to pick the American or European version depending on your experience and the wheel you have been playing at the most. Some variations have a lower house edge which is great for people just starting out. 

Don’t underestimate the online roulette wheel. It can quickly pull the rug from under your feet. You must be prepared to lose some money to win this Roulette. However, the wheel may be worth it. 

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