Close-up of a roulette wheel at the casino.
Roulette is an extraordinary game, indeed. The simple wheel that spins around to generate random probabilities has been subject to many attacks by players hoping to crack the code. However, as long as the structure is sound, wins will always be based on random chance. 

Automation in roulette has affected the roulette wheel and its mechanism. Much of the design and the payouts have stayed the same. However, the way the wheel spins and the underlying mechanisms have changed. 

The roulette wheel will always remain an object of surprise and wonder within the casino. It isn’t just showcased in movies; it is also one of the most popular sights in the casino, so much so that most people associate it with jackpots. 

How Does the Roulette Wheel Work?

Before understanding the role of automation in roulette, we must first clarify the mechanisms of the original roulette wheel. How does it work, and what makes it so foolproof? 

Automation in roulette has affected the roulette wheel the most. In fact, most of the automation is based on this one defining feature of the game. A typical roulette wheel is usually spun by a croupier, who is also in charge of releasing the ball. However, automated roulette wheels spin automatically!

Most traditional roulette wheels come with 37 to 38 pockets and a ball that spins around. The players place bets on certain pockets and win payouts depending on where the ball lands. The pockets are usually numbered 0 to 36. 

Automating the Roulette Wheel

Automation in roulette has not changed the game’s rules or the winning method. However, it has changed how the roulette wheel works. Unlike the traditional wheel, an automated wheel is spun by an in-built machine. 

These machines are responsible for spinning the wheel, and they work parallel to a random number generator. The random number generator ensures that the payouts are determined based on random chance to avoid any bias. 

Automated roulette wheels are much more precise and accurate. The ball lands in a precise location, and the computer provides the payouts. It also records the results with each game, so there is no room left for doubt. 

The Benefits of Automation in Roulette

Automating the roulette wheel has its set of advantages and drawbacks. While automation can greatly increase accuracy, it also takes away from the spirit of the game. However, it depends on the players’ preference at the end of the day.

1. Value for the Casino and the Player

Automated roulette wheels spin much faster than the ones spun by the croupier. They are also a lot more precise, and there is less room left for error. Without this error, there is nothing left for the tricksters to exploit. 

Since these roulette wheels spin faster, they will eventually allow more players to play in lesser time. Moreover, there is no need for a croupier. This will inevitably increase the casino’s profit as the cost of the croupier and the waste of time are avoided. 

The speed is also great for the player. More players can place more bets in lesser time. It is an efficient investment for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time at the wheel. 

2. Ability to Customize

Casinos can greatly benefit from automation in roulette. These wheels can be controlled much more through automatic spinning than the traditional wheel. The casino can set a minimum or maximum bet and even payouts for certain bets through the computer. 

Customizing the payouts or even how the wheel is played can add to the casinos’ convenience. They no longer have to do everything manually. They now have a roulette wheel to do all the work for them. 

3. Increase in Security

Unlike traditional roulette wheels, automated wheels incorporate much more precision and accuracy in the spins. However, this doesn’t even touch the surface of security-related benefits. 

Keep in mind that computerized spinning allows casinos to add encryption and authentication to the wheel. This means that it is nearly impossible to cheat or hack the system. Players must rely solely on their betting strategy in order to win!

The Dark Side of Automated Roulette Wheels

In the world of automated roulette, everything isn’t perfect. All automation comes with its set of flaws. For the automated roulette wheel, here are some disadvantages to consider:

  • The automated roulette wheel takes away from the feel of the game. Taking the croupier away from the wheel might kill all the fun for the players! Since this is the reason most people play roulette, it may reduce attendance. 
  • Moreover, any kind of software can be hacked and manipulated. The spinning of the wheel by the croupier is perhaps the only thing that cannot be hacked. Thus, automated wheels can encourage cheating and fraud. 
  • Software is also bound to malfunction at some time or another. This can halt the entire process and force the casino to discontinue the wheel. While they are fixing this wheel, they may lose all the profits they could have made in case a traditional wheel was nearby. 
Roulette wheel close-up.
Picture of a roulette wheel at the casino.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to play at an automated roulette wheel. However, it is also important to be wary. Some automated wheels might be rigged and provide wins to one kind of player. Others may not be a great choice simply because of the lack of experience. 

You must decide the kind of roulette you want to play at the end of the day. If you play roulette for the feel of the casino, to interact with players, and the croupier, then you shouldn’t gravitate towards automated roulette. 

However, if you are only there for the wins and want to play the fastest game ever, automated roulette is your best choice. Simply trust the accuracy of the machine and climb on board with the other players!

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