Roulette wheel numbers on the wheel.
Have you ever wondered whether roulette wheel numbers are random or if they have been added in this sequence for a reason? Contrary to what most roulette players think, these numbers are built on sound logic. 

The numbers aren’t random. In fact, there’s much wisdom behind why each kind of arrangement exists in a different version of roulette. Of course, different versions can have similarities. But the order of the numbers changes. 

The following sections discuss the roulette wheel numbers’ layout and sequence. They also analyze why these are arranged the same way each time and how this sequence was chosen. Let’s get into it!

Basic Rules of Arrangement

No matter what roulette wheel you encounter, the basic arrangement rules stay the same. These include the following;

  1. The numbers in red and black alternate consistently
  2. High and low numbers alternate randomly
  3. You can have a maximum of two even and odd numbers next to each other
  4. The numbers are split into four ranges. For these, odd numbers and even numbers are initially in red and black, respectively. As we move through the ranges, they keep switching colors. 

Kinds of Roulette Wheels and Their Sequence

Fortunately, there are a lot of roulette wheels you can choose from. Since different wheels have different house edges, they also have slightly different number sequences. 

  1. American Wheel

The American roulette wheel numbers sequence gives the casino a much higher house edge. It has the popular double zero, which makes for 38 pockets overall. The sequence is as follows;


  1. Triple Zero Wheel

This is usually found at online casinos throughout the USA. It is relatively rare but does show up from time to time. Stay away from this one if you are trying to avoid a higher house edge. Here is the sequence;


This clockwise sequence isn’t the only popular version. We also have the European wheel.

  1. European Wheel

Roulette players prefer this wheel because of the lower number of pockets, which also lowers the house edge by a big margin. 

The following sequence of numbers runs in a clockwise direction on all European wheels;


What is the Significance of the Layout and Sequence

You might not understand the logic of the roulette wheel numbers at first. This is because they might appear randomly arranged. But once you begin to get involved in roulette, you may notice a pattern to the chaos. 

The only pattern to this layout is randomness. The numbers have been determined randomly, and the arrangement has no real value. Yet all values have been balanced out at all ends of the wheel. This includes the outer circle versus the inner circle and all four quadrants. 

Moreover, the wheel is built this way to confuse the player. No player can recognize any sort of hint as to which numbers are more important on the wheel. There is also no relation in the placement of any of the numbers on the wheel. 

If you really start to focus on the roulette wheel to understand how it works, you might be able to figure out why these numbers are spaced out in this way. We know it maintains balance, but you might have to become a math whiz to understand how.  

Where is the Balance?

There are a couple of points on the wheel where you can clearly see the balance, making it perfectly random. Here are just a few instances;

  1. Color

Throughout the wheel, the alternating red and black remain consistent. Every other pocket needs to be of a different color. This is maintained throughout the wheel, no matter what the version.

  1. Number

Most wheels maintain a balance between all the roulette wheel numbers. Roulette players can rest assured simply by knowing that even and odd numbers aren’t concentrated anywhere on the wheel, no matter how short of a section you analyze. 

Some versions even go as far as to ensure that the outer and inner circles distribute low and high numbers between each other so that the balance is maintained. 

  1. Mechanism

Most roulette wheels today are automatic. The spinning is done by a machine, and the wheels are checked regularly for any dips that might add bias. This also maintains the consistency of results. 

Why Roulette Players Should Care About Roulette Wheel Numbers

Why should you care about roulette wheel numbers, including the sequences and layouts? How can it help? 

The roulette wheel layout and arithmetical values can help you understand how the wheel works. It can also restore your confidence in the random chance that affects the outcomes. You now know that all wins are perfectly randomized. 

You should work on calculating potential payouts or playing online roulette before moving to the land-based version of roulette. Since land-based versions involve many more people, it may be a long time before you find your comfort zone. 

 Roulette wheel numbers on roulette table.
Picture of roulette wheel numbers.

In Short

Roulette wheel numbers are important for players looking to work on their game. They allow you to understand how the wheel works, which keeps you away from tips that don’t work. It also encourages roulette players to explore professional strategies that work in the long run.

If you want to master winning at roulette, work on your betting strategy. Since you know everything is based on random chance, it is better to consider whether you want to apply progressive or regressive betting styles. 

When determining a strategy, always keep that bankroll at the forefront of your mind.

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