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What’s roulette without some variation? Since there isn’t much you can change about the game, different countries have invented their own version of the wheel. This leads many roulette players to wonder which they should choose.   

One such version is European roulette, which has fewer pockets than the American version. Since all types have pros and cons, understanding these features is essential. Remember that choosing a version also depends on the player’s unique personality. 

Some kinds of roulette offer a lower house edge with lower payouts, while others are riskier with greater payouts. The following guide can help you understand the pros and cons of European roulette and whether it is a suitable choice. 

Pros of European Roulette

Here are some of the advantages you can get from playing European roulette;

1. Better Odds

European roulette offers roulette players slightly better odds than American roulette. This is because the ball has far fewer pockets to land into. It increases your chances of the ball landing into an outcome you predicted. 

With European roulette, your bets have much more value. Even if you calculate the odds purely from a probability perspective, you have a 1/38 chance of winning. For European roulette, this improves to 1/37. 

2. Lower House Edge

European roulette doesn’t just have better odds. It also decreases the house’s edge. This might not favor the casinos, but it is certainly great for the roulette players. While American roulette has a house edge of around 5.26% at most casinos, European roulette only has a 2.70%. 

The house edge is how much the casino makes off your bet. For example, a 2% house edge means you can expect to regain just 98 cents from a 1-dollar bet. Thus, European roulette increases your chances of a larger payout. 

3. Lesser Pockets

The lesser number of pockets in European roulette has many more advantages. Since it has a single 0, it reduces the house edge automatically. It also increases your chances of winning. 

However, these aren’t the best part. Remember that American roulette can look confusing and daunting for a beginner roulette player, as there are so many possible outcomes. The lower pockets in European roulette can restore your confidence and help you play for longer as you are no longer confused by that double 0. 

Cons of European Roulette

European roulette might be a popular choice amongst players, but it doesn’t come without disadvantages. Here are some cons to consider;

1. Less Popular

European roulette is much less popular in casinos. This is easy to understand if you take into account the house edge. This version has a much lower cut for the casinos, meaning they don’t prefer investing in it. 

How does this impact roulette players? For one, they might be unable to find a European roulette wheel at the casino. This means they must spend much of their time searching for a roulette wheel instead of concentrating on playing the game. 

Moreover, most people who want to play European roulette must resort to online roulette. Not everyone likes this platform, so it can be hard for players to adjust. If you like land-based roulette, European roulette can be much harder to play. 

2. Less Accessible

European roulette is also difficult to access inside the casino. Suppose you find a casino that allows players to play this version of roulette. However, you will still need to look for a table. Since this is the roulette game with the least house edge, players might already take your place.

This means despite finding a casino with the game, you might still have to resort to playing American roulette for the rest of the night. What a bummer!

3. Lower Value Payouts 

European roulette might get you payouts more often, and a larger percentage of those payouts could probably go to you (low house edge), yet it gives lower-value payouts. This means that American roulette gives a much higher amount of payouts than other kinds of roulette. 

Which to Choose? 

So, which one should you choose? This depends on the kind of roulette player you are. You may lean towards European roulette because you have a much smaller bankroll and can’t afford to take the risk. But what about the player who can afford to reach higher? 

American roulette is preferable for players who aren’t beginners or are restricted by smaller bankrolls. They are not pushed away by the higher house edge or that double 0. In fact, these are the factors that encourage them to play and keep coming back to the game. 

Luckily for you, European and American roulette aren’t the only kinds of roulette that exist. You can also go for subcategories or versions in other countries. If you cannot find a place to play European roulette in the casino, go for one with an even lower edge. Or switch to online roulette!

Online roulette offers many more advantages. You can simply search for a house edge of your choice and gravitate to that version! No matter which kind you choose, don’t forget to have fun!

 European roulette benefits.
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Final Thoughts

Roulette is a beautiful game. The wheel spinning, the players’ exclamations, and the excitement all add to the appeal. But it can quickly go south if you do not plan your bankroll or choose a wheel that suits your goals. 

If you want to play for longer and are there to have fun, go for wheels like the European roulette wheel with a lower edge. This will ensure you do not use up that bankroll fast. You can essentially keep playing for a lot longer than with other versions. 

However, if your goal is to make as many wins as possible, perhaps the American wheel is much more useful. It might pose a challenge, but if you are lucky, you can get away with a lot more payouts in the end!

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