Video Roulette Vs. Table Roulette
Roulette is one of the top choices for most players in casino games. Players show a massive interest in playing roulette in brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling sites. With many roulette versions in online casinos, players find it challenging to distinguish between different types. Most roulette players ask a common question regarding video and table roulette differences. For your understanding, we have covered a comprehensive video roulette vs. table roulette comparison to get you started.

What Is Table Roulette?

Table roulette is the standard roulette game found in most land-based casinos. When you go to a casino, you may find a table with a spinning wheel and a croupier operating it. Standard roulette allows players to gather around the wheel and place wagers on various numbers. Roulette players with socializing interests love to play the table variant and win rewards (depending on their luck).

What Is Video Roulette?

Video roulette is a slot-like variant of the game. Players can sit and watch the wheel spinning on the screen. Video roulette relies on a programmed system to spin the wheel and determine the outcomes. Although fair, this version does not have a real croupier hosting the game. Many players have a misconception regarding video roulette. A common belief suggests that this variant is specific to online casinos.

The truth is video roulette is more popular in land-based casinos. It uses a physical machine to engage players from their stations.

Differences Between Video Roulette and Table Roulette

Video and table roulette varies based on several factors. Ultimately, it comes down to a player’s preferences when deciding between them. To help you compare each aspect, we have covered the key differences concerning some factors you may face during a roulette game.


Table games are more popular among socially active players. Most table roulette players head to the casino to meet new people and socialize while they play. Such players never mind having a crowd around them. Moreover, they do not get distracted easily when playing a table game. Table roulette is ideal for those who love to socialize and have a spectating crowd.

On the contrary, video roulette missed out on these perks. It cuts players from others in a casino and allows them to concentrate on the game in solitude. Most shy (and introverted) players prefer video roulette over the table variant due to the absence of a spectating crowd. Individual players can use separate machines to engage in a video roulette session.


It takes much courage to play table games with unknown faces. You may face super-efficient players with their eyes noticing your every move. Such experiences can intimidate some players and distract them from the game. When playing table roulette, you may face new players every time. You can have a wonderful time at the table if you are comfortable.

On the flip side, video roulette eliminates the intimidation factor. It cuts the clutter and allows you to focus on your game. Some players are easily distracted in crowded places. This is where video roulette comes to their rescue. You can sit in your seat, place your wagers, and wait for the ball to stop at your bet (number).

Moreover, video roulette eliminates the game pressure. Some players make rushed decisions and regret them later due to social pressure. With no one judging you, you can make strategic moves better.


If you ask the pros, learning comes best in solitude. So is the case with table and video roulette. If you are learning to play roulette, you may not be able to do it better at a table. New players often get intimidated by others when playing table roulette. The distraction takes away the learning part, making it more challenging to focus on what went wrong.

When playing video roulette, you can let go of such worries. Beginners can pay close attention to betting outcomes, strategic moves, and other players’ wagering choices in video roulette sessions. More importantly, they can track their moves to understand poor decisions after a loss. Since both formats require placing real bets, you may not want to lose many games before you master your game.

Game Stats

Modern roulette tables have an electronic board to show game stats like previous winning (or losing) numbers. Such information comes in handy for new players to determine their wagering preferences. Many roulette players decide their strategy after checking the table’s stats. While table roulette shows the basic information on boards, video roulette takes it to the next level.

Most video roulette stations show more stats than table games. You can review information like winning bets based on colors (red or black), trends (high or low), and other factors (odd or even numbers). This information provides a deeper look at the game’s previous trends to help you improvise your strategy. Please note not all video roulette stations show many stats.

Video Roulette Vs. Table Roulette
A Roulette Wheel with Casino Chips

Dealer Tips

You may know about tipping-the-dealer ethics if you are a regular table game player. Most players tip the dealer after winning the game as a positive gesture. Dealers make a significant part of their earnings from players’ tips. While true, you may not always be willing to give tips to dealers. This is where video roulette takes the lead over the table format.

Video roulette does not have a dealer. It uses a computer program to spin the wheel. If you want to save the tip money, you can walk off unnoticed after winning at a video roulette station. The standard dealer tip is $5 for every hour on the table. You can save a decent amount from your video roulette winnings when playing multiple sessions.

The Takeaway

The above video roulette vs. table roulette comparison can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each. While both formats have their advantages, it comes down to your choice when deciding between the two types. If you are a beginner, start with video roulette to eliminate shyness. Check out Full Roulette for more interesting tips and guides.

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