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How do you categorize roulette? Do you think it is a game of luck or requires skill? Do you think you are satisfied with your choices once you walk away from the roulette table? Or do you think none of the choices matter? 

Roulette is based on random chance. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t defy the odds and use a few tricks here and there to make the best of a bad situation. In fact, this is exactly how some of the biggest roulette players are born.

If you are looking for some inspiration to push you towards the roulette wheel in the casino, the following list of top roulette players might do the trick. These players are enough to help you understand that miracles happen and that the roulette wheel can produce big wins occasionally. 

1. Joseph Jagger: The Beginning

Jagger was perhaps the beginning of all famous roulette players and many victories to come. Also known as “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo,” Jagger is famous for observing the roulette wheel and figuring out minor flaws that he used to get more wins. 

Not all roulette wheels might be tilted in your favor (pun intended), but Jagger got lucky! One fine day, this textile engineer decided luck just wasn’t working and thought to take matters into his own hands. This led him to hire people who could study roulette wheels all around Monte Carlo.

Soon, his assistants began to observe the wheels and record the findings. Since roulette wheels of the past weren’t as advanced and casino owners or dealers did not know how this observation could be turned into a profit, he managed to get away with it for a while. As Jagger noted the findings, he could see an obvious wheel bias that could be exploited. 

The only thing Jagger ever found out was which numbers would likely produce a payout. This allowed him to visit the casinos and bet in a way that did not reveal his knowledge. Soon, he managed to earn around three million pounds. 

One of the things you should note is that this trick might not work in today’s casinos. Many roulette players might attempt to study the wheel and note the ball and the pockets. However, they seldom manage to understand a pattern. This is because today’s roulette wheels are nearly perfect, and many casinos have also begun to incorporate wheel-spinning machines!

2. The Follower: Charles Wells

Wells is known for nothing more than following in the footsteps of Jagger. Ironically enough, Wells bagged his wins at the same casino that Jagger had visited 20 years ago. He walled in, bet on the same wheels using the same strategy, and walked out with about 2 million francs. 

However, one thing to note about Wells was that he wasn’t just intelligent and extremely lucky. He had been known to frequent casinos in the past and walk out with big amounts leaving casino managers confused! Wells might not teach us a lot, but he surely helps us understand how much luck factors into roulette payouts. 

3. The Risk Taker: Chris Boyd

For Chris Boyd, nothing in life was supposed to come easy. So when he withdrew all of the savings that he had accumulated in his demanding 9-5 job over the years, he only had one goal in mind. Make it big, as the alternative was to return to the same life!

This inspired him to boldly (and somewhat stupidly) risk $220,000 in a one-time bet on the roulette wheel. This is something most roulette players would consider ridiculous. However, it seems like luck was on his side. 

Often, fate deals certain players such ridiculous wins that leave others confused and cursing their stars. However, such is the beauty of the roulette wheel. It eventually doubled Boyd’s money and silenced many critics who tried to get him back out. 

We can all learn from Boyd that you must know when to quit. For Boyd, this was the first and last time he ever played. Once he received his wins, he backed away from the casino and never attempted to risk his money again. 

4. The Follower: Ashley Revell

Are you noticing a pattern yet? For all great players, there is always that one follower who hopes to go one step further. For Boyd, this was Revell. However, Revell didn’t just bet his savings on the game. He sold all he had to try to hit the jackpot!

This total of $135,000 was bet on a red pocket. Revell might have come out on the other end as a famous winner, but this isn’t always possible. For one, red isn’t always a winning slot, and betting everything you have isn’t wise.

Revell might have been lucky. However, we advise roulette players to consider their bankroll limitations and bet wisely, as it could mean the difference between losing everything you have and winning some amount greater than your investment. 

5. Pedro Grendene Bartelle

Mr. Pedro is among the few lucky ones who won big amounts at the roulette wheel. Fate was on his side one fine day in January 2017 when he walked into the casino and won $3.5 million on a French roulette wheel. 

Most of Bartelle’s bets depended on one pocket, number 32. Nobody knows why he chose this pocket; nothing suggested it would get him bigger payouts. We think he just got lucky!

If you want to get as lucky as Bartelle, pick a wheel that suits your bankroll. If you have more to lose and a smaller bankroll to invest, the best wheel is the French Roulette wheel, with its many insurance bets that allow you to make mistakes and learn as a beginner. 

Roulette wheel in a casino.
Picture of the roulette wheel.

Go Big or Go Home (and Come Back Tomorrow)!

The roulette players mentioned above might have made it big, but they knew when to quit and understood the risks. It is important to play according to your bankroll and not get too attached to the money you invest. After all, roulette can produce both big wins and big losses.

Quitting and coming back another day isn’t equivalent to giving up. In fact, it is the opposite. It is stepping away and saving your money for a day when fate is on your side! At the end of the day, the money you invest shouldn’t come at a future price.

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