Roulette dealers turning the wheel.
Have you ever played roulette? Even if all you have done is step into a casino and walk out without playing anything, you know the charm surrounding a roulette wheel. Why do so many players gravitate to the wheel? 

Roulette dealers know that many players in the casino are looking for an easy game based on random luck. Since you don’t have to learn much in roulette, winning becomes more straightforward. Either you are lucky, or you aren’t. 

However, all roulette dealers know that there are hidden secrets that could improve a player’s chances. Once you begin to understand these secrets, winning might become a bit easier. Here are the things you should know; 

1. Consistency Wins Over Progressive Betting

One of the most important things players must understand about roulette is that no betting strategies will help if luck is not on your side. Consistency is key, and the roulette wheel is king. 

Roulette dealers know consistent bets are much more intelligent than progressive or regressive ones. When choosing to play a roulette game, keeping your bets simple and one-size is essential. Ensure that your bankroll can bear the loss and tweak the bet accordingly.

Remember that having fun is a lot more important in some cases. You don’t want to keep raising your bet and losing, as that means you might not get to play for long. Keep a budget in mind and stick to it. If you want to play for longer, ensure your budget is much safer, as larger bet sizes can get you away from the roulette wheel at the start of the game. 

2. Random Chance > Strategy

Most roulette dealers know that random chance always wins over strategy. Roulette is unlike poker or blackjack; random chance will almost always govern the outcome. You may be able to apply some strategies but remember that most won’t pay off. 

Most roulette strategies are related to betting. For example, the James Bond betting strategy incorporates a set sequence. However, this will not guarantee a win. It can only take you closer to it. Moreover, you may have to step away and quit the strategy if you have no bankroll left. 

With betting strategies, there is rarely a Plan B. Even if you follow them perfectly, you can run out of money or lose a lot more as you go over the budget. The better option is to restrict yourself to a set budget and keep bets consistent.

3. Prejudice Against Minimum Bets

Roulette dealers know that most players at the roulette wheel have a sizeable prejudice against the minimum bet. No player wants to bet the minimum, and this is what casinos use to their advantage. If you want to play longer and win, understand that it is okay to bet the minimum amount. 

In fact, you can bet a minimum amount and still manage to go after your wins aggressively. Over time, you can easily use this minimum amount to tweak your bets. For example, if you have bet the minimum amount on one number, you can bet a multiple of that in the following rounds. 

Keep increasing the bet if you think you are on a winning streak or if you have more faith in your upcoming bets. However, a great tip would be to know when to stop. Good players know when their bankroll is taking a considerable hit and when stopping is a better option. 

4. The Inherent Structure of the Wheel

Most roulette dealers know the inherent structure of the roulette wheel. Unlike a game of blackjack or poker, which uses cards, every spin of the roulette wheel is an independent event. A spin is not going to impact upcoming spins.

Sure, you can choose different roulette wheels for a lower house edge and even play at a table with lesser players for better odds. However, do not expect the roulette wheel’s outcomes to change the more the wheel spins. There isn’t a progressive jackpot on the line!

Moreover, once you understand the wheel’s inherent structure, you can deduce that certain bets are better than others. However, it is up to you to decide which one is better for you. For example, outside bets will give payouts more often, but they will be lower in value. Inside bets might be riskier, but they offer higher payouts.

5. General Rules

Roulette dealers understand the emotions and passions that inspire a roulette player to invest in the wheel. They know that players are no longer protecting their bankroll after a while. They are simply investing everything in getting a small return. 

Try to go against this mindset. You must always invest in a strategy that maximizes the amount you can make from a single bet. This means you must have certain rules that you bring to the casino. These can differ for different players.

For some, alcoholic beverages are where they draw the line. Others step away from the roulette wheel once they have spent a certain amount. In short, you must know when it is time to get up and walk away.

You must also avoid getting caught up in the casino. Taking breaks often and playing rationally are tips that will go a long way. Avoid anything that dulls the senses or affects your inhibitions, as that might lead to worse decisions in the future.

Roulette Wheel in a Casino
Picture of a roulette wheel.

Final Thoughts

Try not to get distracted, and be encouraged to spend more than your budget. Avoid the mindset of making back what you have lost. Once you get caught in a losing streak, there’s no coming back.

No strategy is going to help you more than responsible betting. Set your own limits, and remember to step away from the roulette wheel when you know you have had enough.

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