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What’s so appealing about the roulette table? Why do we play roulette in the first place, and what governs the choices we make? Roulette is indeed a tricky game since it is based entirely on chance. Yet many of us gravitate to the table every chance we get. 

Some of the choices we make at the roulette table are connected to research on human behavior. Certain behavioral characteristics give rise to many of the decisions we make, whether under pressure or otherwise. 

The following sections discuss some of the choices we engage in at the roulette table and why we do so. As you go through the behaviors below, notice the ones causing you to lose and those supporting your winning streaks. 

The Will for Control

Humans are born with an inherent desire for control. Throughout our lives, we are the least anxious about events we can control and the most worried about those we cannot. However, the opposite should be true. Since we know we can act in the case of control, worry takes a backseat. 

The same is true for roulette. We make impulsive decisions or fail to let that loss go and get up from the table because we need control. At the end of the day, we need to believe that we have some influence over the outcomes on the table. 

However, winning in roulette is much more possible once we embrace this lack of control and understand that most of our outcomes will be based on random chance. This helps us control our bankroll and make rational decisions that aren’t as impulsive. 

Emotional Decisions

Why do we get emotional in roulette? Have you ever noticed that we get the most emotional after a win or a loss? Why is this so? One of the interesting characteristics of human behavior is empathy and the ability to relate. This is the underlying cause of our emotions. 

When we experience a loss, the ability to form connections kicks in. We might associate that loss with our sense of self, perception, and self-worth. We may think that the universe is not on our side just because we are experiencing a loss or that we don’t deserve to win.

Stepping away from this mindset is the key to winning. Once roulette players accept the fact that it is just a game and winning and losing are a part of it, they can get more wins. In fact, they can easily step away from the table in case of a loss as they are no longer trying to prove anything. 

Thrill and Adrenaline

Another interesting fact about human behavior is the thirst for thrill and adrenaline. Have you ever wondered why humans love jumping off airplanes with a parachute tied to their backs? Or why we feel the need to engage in extreme sports.

This is because humans love whatever provides them with an adrenaline rush. Gone are the days when we had to fight off larger animals for food. This lack of thrill in our everyday lives and boredom of a desk job pushes us towards seeking a thrill. 

The same is true when we step into a casino. As we place our bets and watch the ball roll around in that roulette wheel, the pleasure-seeking part of our brain lights up. This is also why some roulette players might get addicted to gambling if they aren’t careful. 


Roulette wheels don’t just provide players with an adrenaline rush but can take them toward disaster through a lack of distraction. Certain mechanisms within a casino push humans to keep playing no matter the effect on their bankroll. This can be attributed to human behavior. 

For example, have you noticed players on a slot machine clicking away even though they have not had a win for a while? They are distracted enough by the lights of the casino, the lack of windows, and the sounds of the machine. Even the pressing of a button has them hyper-focused on the game. 

Inherent mechanisms in a casino are enough to keep you away from distraction. You can keep playing for long periods without needing a break. 


Why do people gravitate towards a roulette table in the first place? Perhaps it is an ambition that brings them here. The challenge and the promise of making it big, if they hit the jackpot, keeps them coming back and making those choices. 

Despite losing time and again, we still find a reason to keep coming back to the roulette wheel and betting. Choosing to make these decisions again and again doesn’t just come from an inner voice but also from advertisements and bonuses the casino offers.

If you are ambitious enough to invest your time in the casino, it is best to learn tips and tricks that will take you far. It isn’t wise to spend everything you have on one spin, nor is it a great strategy to incorporate progressive betting if you don’t have the desired bankroll. Be careful about your decisions, and never overcommit to the roulette wheel. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know the typical human behavior that may lead you to certain choices in roulette, it is time to use it. Identify the bad decisions that are leading you away from your wins and work on taking control of your behavior. 

Human behavior may be strong, but that doesn’t mean the brain can’t take over. Practicing techniques to be more aware of your decisions and incorporating them into your roulette strategy is key to winning. 

After all, you are here to win; learning better strategies is the only thing you can control!

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