Sector betting in roulette.
Roulette may seem like it depends entirely on luck. However, certain strategies can help you maximize your wins. One of those strategies is sector betting in roulette, which allows you to identify certain sections that provide more payouts. 

One might think depending on certain roulette wheel sectors is foolish since the wheel spins randomly. The part about random chance is true, and the wheel is brutal when it comes to providing players with consistent wins. 

However, that doesn’t mean we give up the notion of a roulette strategy altogether. Roulette strategy does exist, and there are many different tricks players may use to get an advantage in the game. This includes betting strategies and other strategies depending on certain sections of the wheel. 

All You Need to Know About Sector Betting

In short, sector betting is any strategy that depends on a player placing bets on certain sections of the wheel. To understand this, you must note the structure of the roulette wheel. 

A typical roulette wheel is divided into different sections, often called sectors of the roulette wheel. Typically, these are bifurcated depending on either the color of the wheel or the numbers. 

Sector betting serves an important purpose for the roulette player. This roulette strategy allows the player to cover as much of the wheel as possible in a short period to increase the player’s chances of winning. 

Players that are using sector betting as a regular strategy for their roulette game place their bets on unique sectors of the wheel. This can include numbers on the inside and the outside of the wheel. A player can choose to bet on all those numbers or rely on neighboring numbers. 

The Benefits of Sector Betting

Since this roulette strategy focuses on certain sectors of the roulette wheel instead of individual numbers, probabilities for winning are increased by a large scale. Do you think betting on individual numbers throughout the wheel is riskier than betting on one concentrated section at a time? 


Sector betting will not increase your odds of winning in the long run. It will only increase the probability of getting high payouts on each spin. Long-term profitability is not affected by anything other than random chance, which isn’t in our control anyways!

Since sector betting does not change the odds of the game, players avoid depending on this strategy. Although caution is preferred, that doesn’t mean the strategy should be nullified. In some cases, the strategy is quite relevant, and if your sector is favored by the roulette wheel, it can lead to much more payouts. 

Roulette Strategy for Sector Betting 

Sector betting can be used to form a roulette strategy for placing bets. Here are some ways you can use it to create your unique strategy;

1. Understand the Wheel

Start by understanding the structure of the roulette wheel. Figure out which roulette version you are playing (the American wheel and French wheel are some examples) and start understanding their layouts. If you want to switch to a different wheel, now is a great time. However, make sure you pick one with a great house edge. 

Understand the types of sections or sectors your roulette wheel is divided into, such as the columns and neighbor bets. 

2. Choose a Sector

To make sector bets, you must choose one or more sectors of the wheel and focus on these sectors entirely. You can choose a column, a dozen, neighboring numbers, or any other sector as long as it identifies a particular section of the wheel. 

3. Bet Size

It is extremely important to determine a bet size. This is usually adjusted according to your bankroll. However, certain roulette betting strategies, such as progressive or martingale, can also lead to different bets. Set a budget and manage your bankroll accordingly. 

You must also understand how to place bets on the sector you choose. For example, betting on a specific column will ultimately require you to slide your chips onto that designated area. 

4. Have a Dynamic Strategy

Don’t just stick to one sector of the wheel. Sector betting requires you to observe the results and understand how effective that sector is, with the option to change the strategy and make adjustments. 

You can also choose to increase or decrease your bets in the middle of the game. For example, players who notice that they are on a winning streak may choose to increase their bets for a certain period. 

5. Know When to Step Away

Know when it is time to step away from the roulette wheel and call it quits. You can’t always win; it is best to quit when you can cut your losses. Staying stuck to a strategy and hoping to get a win out of it might pull you close to a loss. 

In some cases, roulette players might not want to pull away from the table if they feel like they will win eventually. However, as much as the wheel pulls you to believe that you will get that win the next time the wheel spins, there are equal chances of losing the next time around. 

Sector bets are the same. They may offer you greater chances, but a win is not guaranteed. It is best to take cautious risks. 

 Sector betting in roulette.
Picture of a roulette table.

Place Your Bets

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about sector bets, perhaps it is time to place your bets. Sector betting can get you more organized and help you structure your roulette strategy. However, remember that it is not going to reduce the house edge or get you more wins in the long run. 

It is always recommended to maintain your bankroll even if you have to let go of your sector betting strategy for a while. No strategy is worth getting caught up in a cycle of losses. If you feel like the wheel is sucking you in, perhaps it is time to step away and get into another casino game. 

For players in a casino, wins and losses, in the long run, should matter much more than those in the short run. Results will follow!

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