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Online roulette is getting pretty popular. However, there was a time when roulette only existed in casinos, in some of the most popular gambling locations all across America. Roulette wheels weren’t that common and easy to access back then. 

We have come a long way since then. Roulette wheels are getting popular, which means more and more players are getting introduced to the game. In land-based casinos, the more roulette players they welcome, the more superstitions we come across daily. 

Today, every roulette player has a superstition of their own. Some believe in lucky numbers, while others believe rituals can give them the upper hand. Spin the wheel, bet on a lucky number, or follow a ritual, and you might win the jackpot!

Common Roulette Superstitions Around the World

Here are some of the roulette superstitions you can expect from players worldwide; 

1. Hot or Cold Numbers and Colors

Apart from roulette players picking lucky numbers left and right, they may also be inclined towards a hot or cold number or color. For example, for a roulette player who has been eyeing a roulette wheel for a while, a number or color that comes up repeatedly may be labeled “hot.”

This means that the color has won before and continues to make players win when they bet on it. So, according to roulette superstition, the player also bets on that color as the chances of winning with that color are higher (according to them). 

However, that isn’t necessarily true. If the machine spins to land on five black numbers in a row, it is still a random outcome. The sixth will not be another black number. In fact, there is a 50% chance that it will be red!

Similarly, certain numbers can also appear more often in a single night. However, even if the number has won a lot throughout the night, it doesn’t mean it is more likely to make you win in the next round. It is much better to play with a strategy, as that is a better way to win. 

2. Clothing Items

For some roulette players, playing without their lucky tie, sock, or underwear means going out to lose. In the casino, a lucky sock is going to help you a lot more than hot or cold numbers and colors. This is because roulette is a game of random chance, and only luck can help you with winning. 

That is, if you believe in luck. Some professional roulette players don’t believe luck has anything to do with winning at roulette. They truly feel that strategy can get you closer to a win, and no amount of lucky socks can change that fact. 

However, luck can definitely do one thing. It can help you feel more confident. In fact, perhaps the reason you have been winning with that sock on your person is the fact that you are much more confident when you are wearing that pair of socks. 

3. Lucky Numbers

Let’s transition away from superstitions into the murky and often confusing territory of lucky numbers. Lucky numbers aren’t always going to get you a win. However, roulette players truly believe they will keep you away from a loss. 

A number may be lucky for roulette players simply because it has brought them closer to a win in the past. In actuality, it is just going to be that birthday, their favorite year, sports player, or perhaps a number the roulette community has unanimously decided upon.

It is important to understand that a lucky number is never going to get you closer to a win any more than wearing your lucky underwear to a spin. However, if it makes you feel confident, why not bet on that number and see how it works out?

4. Rituals 

For some people, roulette rituals mean the world. They are a lot stronger than superstition as they venture out of the territory of “beliefs” and step right into “action.” Some roulette players will not enter the casino or ask the croupier to spin the wheel before they have performed their desired ritual.

This includes praying for that boost of luck, tapping the table several times, or even scratching their nose. It can be as bizarre as they like as long as they have done it in the past, and it has led to a win. 

Rituals are much more effective than superstitions. It is because while superstitions live in the mind, rituals have crossed that territory and have led right up to an action. However, you must not let it take over. It is important to play a game of roulette without having to get up and perform a ritual if you want to be taken seriously as a professional roulette player. 

5. The Casino

For some roulette players, their losses are rooted in a deep fear that the casino, or the croupier, is out to get them. In fact, this can’t be further from the truth. Dealers do not control the wheels, and casinos do not rig them simply to make a profit off players. 

In fact, if a casino is rigging the wheel, they are going to lose a lot more of that rigging than they win. The roulette players will stop coming to the casino and will leave bad reviews online that will cause them to shut down. 

To avoid worrying about this possibility, try finding a reliable casino for your roulette adventures each time you want to spin the wheel!

Roulette superstitions in a casino.
Picture of roulette details in a casino.

Final Thoughts

With hundreds of people walking into your local casinos each day, there are many superstitions that the casino is used to now. For some players, engaging in a ritual is how they get the confidence to play. For others, a lucky number is important.

Whatever the case, it is essential to remember one thing. No matter how strong your superstition is, bringing a good roulette strategy to the table is important. Without a strategy, winning a game can be impossible, no matter how hard you try.

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