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The Martingale system is one of the most widely used Roulette strategies. It’s a fairly simple one but also carries a great deal of risk. Read on as we discuss how the Martingale Roulette strategy works and whether you should consider using it when you play Roulette online.

How Does the Martingale System Work?

The Martingale Roulette strategy is very simple to understand in theory. You place a small bet. If you win it, you can bet the same amount again. However, if you lose, you can double the stake and bet again. You can continue doubling the bet until you win again. Once you win, you can go back to the initial bet you placed and restart.

For instance, suppose that you start with a bet of $2. In this case, the Martingale system would work like this.

Bet AmountOutcome

As you can see, your total stake here would be $32. Your collective wins stand at $34, and your losses would be $32. So, you have managed to recover all of the money you bet and won a profit of $2. The main idea behind the Martingale system in Roulette is that you can increase the size of your stake to recover the money you lost in previous bets, while also keeping the profit won on smaller bets.

Bear in mind, though, the system also relies on the possibility that you will win eventually and recover a portion of your total stake.   

How Can You Use the Martingale System In Roulette?  

The Martingale system can be pretty risky, especially if you lose consecutively and are unable to recover any of the money you bet. If you want to use this system, we suggest that you only place even money outside bets. These include betting odd vs. even numbers, red vs. black, or numbers between 1 to 19 and 19 to 36. These bets have the highest odds of winning, which can go as high as 50%. On the downside, they also offer the lowest payout, which is 1:1. This means you won’t win any extra money. However, they do have the lowest risk in Roulette and winning something is better than not winning at all.

Theoretically speaking, as long as you keep betting the lowest possible amount, you can use the Martingale system to get back the money you bet. You will also win a small profit that you can put aside. If you lose, though, you will have to keep increasing your stake until your luck turns again. The good news is that since you are placing only even money bets, you will eventually win.

Is Using the Martingale Roulette System a Good Idea?

The Martingale Roulette strategy sounds like a good idea. However, you need to be careful about how you use it. Otherwise, you could lose a great deal of money while waiting to recover your losses. There are several reasons for this, but the two biggest concerns include:

1. Exponential Increase in Losses

The Martingale Roulette system requires you to increase the size of your bets in an exponential manner. It requires you to double your stake every time so that by the 10th or so bet, you will have lost a significant amount of money. For instance, if we draw on the example above, then, in this case, the even money bets would progress as follows:

  • Bet 1 – $2
  • Bet 2 – $4
  • Bet 3 – $8
  • Bet 4 – $16
  • Bet 5 – $32
  • Bet 6 – $64
  • Bet 7 – $128
  • Bet 8 – $256
  • Bet 9 – $512
  • Bet 10 – $1,024

As you can see, once you cross the 5th bet, your losses grow at an accelerated rate. By the 10th bet, you have taken on a very high stake in the hope that you will win eventually. You could lose your entire bankroll this way.

2. Table Limits

The Martingale system in Roulette relies on the assumption that you can continue placing higher bets until you win eventually. Assuming that you have a large bankroll, you could do this indefinitely until you finally win and recover all the money you lost. However, most online casinos have an upper limit on the maximum amount you can bet. This is usually $10,000 per spin. So, if you start with $2 and then go on to lose 14 times in a row, under the Martingale system, this could increase the size of your bet to a whopping $16,384!

If this happens and the casino doesn’t let you bet any higher, you will be unable to get any money back. It’s important that you account for these possibilities and stop betting higher amounts in case the casino imposes a limit on the size of your bets.  

Wrapping It Up

A woman picking a ball from the Roulette wheel with players in the background
Players placing bets and a woman picking up a ball from the Roulette wheel

The Martingale strategy works in theory and offers an easy way to win a lot of money quickly, while also helping you recover what you lost in previous bets. It is very simple to use but we suggest sticking to even money bets when using this system. That said, it does come with its risks and considering these before you place a large-sized bet is very important.  

If you want to use the Martingale system in Roulette, then you should opt for it in the short term only. Unless you are able to win by the 5th or 6th bet, it’s best to stop and start again. Otherwise, your bankroll could be in serious trouble. There is also the matter of table limits. Even if you have a large bankroll and can afford the risk that comes with the Martingale Roulette strategy, there is a chance that by the time your luck turns, the casino will have imposed a limit on the bet amount, and you can no longer get back the money you lost. 

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