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There are many pro gamblers in the world. All of them make a living by trying their hand at different gaming products. When it comes to roulette professionals, there are a few whose exploits have brought them worldwide fame and recognition. Of course, playing this popular casino game professionally isn’t without its challenges.

In contrast to card games like blackjack and poker, luck has a much bigger role in roulette. As a result, the dependence on a player’s skills and competency is lesser. This is why playing roulette professionally is quite difficult.

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have. Even though you can learn and practice to become a better roulette player, the element of chance will always be there. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will be at the mercy of fate for the big payout.

Professional Roulette Players

For many, roulette offers the best chance of winning out of all casino games. After all, you just need to make the right call about whether the ball will land in a red or black pocket. Sounds simple even though it’s anything but!

So, is it worth the trouble to become a professional roulette player? Is it even possible to play this luck-based casino game for a living? Depends on who you ask, to be honest.

There are people who claim to be pro roulette players. They even have the winnings to back their claims. However, it could simply be a case of lady luck smiling on them during some games, enabling them to walk away with huge payouts. One might argue that this doesn’t constitute as being a professional. They were simply fortunate to strike it rich.

Nevertheless, if you believe that you can become a successful professional roulette player, then don’t hesitate to pursue that dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

List of “Professional” Roulette Players

Following are the best roulette “professionals” in the world. They’ve all been able to make a comfortable living by playing this game. Whether that’s by pure luck or some carefully planned strategy will always be up for debate.

Laszlo Kovacs

Modern roulette pro Laszlo Kovacs is known for his dubious approach to playing the game. The Hungarian earned notoriety for using an electronic device during games. Hidden inside Kovacs’s shoe, this little gadget could predict the result of future spins with reasonable accuracy.

All he had to do was tap his foot and the tool would be activated. It would then gather data about the speed of the wheel and its possible stopping destination. Kovacs became known around the world after he was arrested in 2005 in Australia for “cheating” during a game of roulette. The incident took place at the Star City Casino in Sydney. It’s now called “The Star Sydney.”  

The casino management called the police once they felt that something suspicious was going on. Different sources have cited varying reasons for Kovacs’s arrest. Some said that he was winning too frequently for the casino’s liking. Others felt that his foot tapping gave it away.

Nevertheless, the Hungarian had pocketed around $200,000 before his adventure ended that day. Surprisingly, he was never convicted because, technically, there was no “crime” committed. Instead, the Australian government opted to deport him to his home country.

Carol Jarecki

American Carol Jarecki used to work as a chess organizer. She had put together various high-profile chess tournaments during her career. Apart from her love for chess, Ms. Jarecki also had a knack for striking it rich in a casino. She and her husband Richard Jarecki took advantage of many biased roulette wheels in multiple Italian casinos.

The duo came up with a betting mechanism that could spot the default imperfections within a roulette wheel. These days, such faults have been taken care of at live roulette casinos, particularly in the UK. However, they were quite common back in the day.

Using their self-designed betting system, Carol and Richard Jarecki were able to win more than $1.2 million before their ploy was discovered. In fact, casinos around Italy were so distressed at their exploits that the couple was banned from entering the country for some time.

Chris Boyd

Britain’s Chris Boyd is one of the few roulette players on this list who didn’t indulge in any shady practices to win his fortune. His exploits were the result of pure luck. A programmer by profession, Boyd had amassed savings of $220,000 from his work.

For some reason, he decided to put it all on the line in a single roulette bet. Of course, convincing a casino to take the wager was another matter. He was rejected by many places until the Binion’s Horseshoe Club agreed to the request after lots of haggling and arguing. They waived the $1,000 bet limit, allowing Boyd to wager his life savings on a single spin.

Guess what? He bet on red and ended up winning. Boyd came in with $220,000 and walked out with $440,000. This remains one of the biggest roulette wins of all time.

Christian Kaisan

Kaisan used to dabble in various types of gambling. Be it playing the usual casino games, working with cards in street corners, or betting on racehorses, he had done most of it. However, after some Japanese friends introduced him to roulette, he became seriously interested in it.

Kaisan subsequently played the game professionally across Europe. He employed a specific method that could allegedly predict where the ball would land on a roulette wheel.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo analyzed hundreds of spins on a single roulette wheel in an attempt to find its inherent flaws. His “research” led him to conclude that certain colors and numbers had a tendency to appear more frequently compared to others.

So, Garcia-Pelayo created a list of spaces where the ball was most likely to drop. These were referred to as “hot spots.” He determined that a number should appear only 135 times on average. Going by this notion, if a value appeared in excess of 170 times, there was a flaw in the wheel.


A Group of Friends Enjoying Roulette at Home
A Bunch of Friends Enjoying a Casual Game of Roulette at Home.

Being a professional roulette player isn’t the same as playing poker or blackjack for a living. Many individuals claim to be pros but it’s not always as simple. This is clear from the story of some people on our list. Nevertheless, there’s always the possibility of winning big and enjoying a comfortable life as a result of your roulette winnings.

That’s it for now. Do you want to learn more about casino roulette? Don’t forget to keep a regular eye on this space at Full Roulette. See you again soon with another exciting piece!

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