Law of the Third in Roulette
Many roulette players believe that winning the game depends on luck. While it is true, various other factors can alter the game’s outcomes. For decades, players have relied on various roulette strategies to turn the odds in their favor. The Law of the third in roulette is a system that can get you closer to winning your bets. But how? We will dive into the details to understand the law of the third and its effectiveness in American and European roulette.

This comprehensive guide can help you start using the Law of the Third to maximize your winning chances at roulette. 

What Is the Law of the Third in Roulette?

Law of the third is one of the roulette systems supporting your winning chances. It is a mathematical law determining the chances of the ball falling into one of the holes on the spinning wheel. When a roulette wheel spins, each of the thirty-eight (American roulette) numbers have one probability of landing into a pocket.

However, if the wheel spins several times during a session, it may stop at a few numbers more than once. Some numbers might have two to three chances of reappearing. In the same way, some numbers (probably) won’t come up on any spin. The basic concept of the Law of the Third feeds on this principle. This system allows players to determine the chances of a number reappearing based on its previous stops.

According to the Law of the Third, when a roulette wheel spins thirty-eight times, the chances of two-thirds of the total numbers (nearly 25) appearing one or more times are higher. Moreover, one-third of the total numbers (nearly 12) may not come up at all. Understanding this law can help you place bets on those numbers who have reappearing chances. While this technique does not guarantee absolute outcomes, it plays a crucial role in determining the wheel trend.

How to Apply Law of the Third?

Although most mathematical laws take time to sink in, this one may quickly get down to your hands. When applying the Law of the Third in a roulette game, you should clear your mind of distractions and focus on the spins. Record the number of spins and note each number appears on a spin. Continue this until you have nine different figures.

Once done, you can proceed to the actionable part. Get your chips for one or two spins (depending on the risk you can bear) and place single-unit bets on each of the recorded figures. The tip is to keep doing it for three consecutive spins.

Doing this will increase the chances of one of the numbers appearing more than once. Betting on reappearing numbers increases your winning chances for each spin. Before you get excited, it is worth noting that the first spin may not give you significant profits due to single-unit bets. The goal is to hope for the same number to win the next spin. This progression piles up profits until the cycle breaks.

Limitations of Law of the Third

Law of the Third in roulette also has a few limitations. Since the system relies on probability, you cannot narrow down absolute outcomes. For instance, if you have a list of nine numbers to place single-unit bets, you may be unable to identify which of the nine will win in every spin. More importantly, this mathematical law does not guarantee that the no-show numbers will remain in the same block after each spin. In some cases, the no-show numbers appear after a few spins, busting the strategy from the core.

Law of the Third in Roulette
A roulette wheel

Another important factor is understanding how the roulette wheel works. Most roulette strategies use a conditional method to determine the outcomes. Whether you choose the Fibonacci sequence or Martingale strategy, the roulette wheel takes no effect from the previous spin. Systems like the Law of the Third represent the situation as if the wheel takes effect from each spin to determine the outcomes of the next. However, there is no reality to it. A roulette wheel has no algorithm or memory to guide its moves.

Most roulette players using the Law of the Third as their primary strategy often forget the role of luck. Regardless of the game and strategy you choose for gambling, the luck factor stays in the equation. Sometimes, players benefiting from the Law of the Third end up hating the strategy due to unfavorable luck. To avoid such scenarios, one should remember that any strategy may only be effective to a certain extent.

Does Law of the Third Work in European Roulette?

Generally, the Law of the Third works (or not) in every roulette variation. Whether you play American roulette (38 numbers) or European roulette (37 numbers), you can apply the strategy to your game. Since American roulette has two zeros, the chances of getting favorable outcomes might be limited. On the contrary, European roulette has an advantage over the American variation due to the absence of two zeros. You can maximize your winning potential at European roulette by implementing the strategy intelligently.

Can You Use Law of the Third in Online Roulette?

Over the past decade, the popularity of online roulette has significantly increased. Most players play online due to online casino rewards and other benefits. Many players wonder if they can use famous roulette strategies in online games. The simple answer to it is yes. You can use various roulette strategies in online formats. However, the Law of the Third is relatively easy to apply to online roulette due to its simple system. You can record nine numbers for each spin and place single-unit bets on the reappearing numbers.

The Takeaway

Roulette is a head-scratching game due to its unpredictable outcomes. It is one of the few gambling activities that allow players of various levels and skills to play against the house. Using the Law of the Third in roulette can help you increase your winning chances. If you want to explore more information about winning strategies, feel free to check out some expert resources.

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