Roulette table at the casino
Roulette players are forever looking for tips to help them master the game and get one step ahead of other players. If you read through many of the popular articles on roulette, you will find one thing in common. Almost all of them mention roulette strategies. 

You may find one or two strategies you can use to play the game and make more wins. However, most roulette strategies depend on tricking the system, which doesn’t always work. Roulette players should definitely plan their moves according to their bankroll. But the strategy should be solid. 

The 3Q roulette strategy is one of the most popular tips among players. You might have heard of this one if you gravitate toward the roulette table at a casino. Follow us as we take you through the strategy and how you can use it to win. 

What is the 3Q Roulette Strategy?

The 3Q roulette strategy, also called the Three Quadrant Strategy, depends upon the table being divided into three quadrants. These are fixed sections containing the wheel and other portions. This quadrant strategy is derived from the original four-quadrant strategy, which works similarly. 

The system breaks down the wheel and, thus, the bets. When you break down the wheel into segments and take time to bet on all of the segments, you are essentially covering as much of the roulette wheel as possible. However, the 3Q strategy does offer much fewer payoffs. 

Tips to Master the 3Q Roulette Strategy

Here’s how you can master the 3Q roulette strategy and win more at the roulette table;

1. Slow Start

The three-quadrant system pushes you to bet more often and on more quadrants on the roulette wheel. This is great if you win, but not so beneficial for people with a limited bankroll. If you want to cover a larger part of the table, try to keep your bets small initially. 

Since you will need to bet thrice or four times as much to get back what you have lost, it is best to play cautiously in the beginning. 

2. Learn the System

The Quadrant System depends on utilizing as much of the table as possible. This means that you need to use at least ¾ of the wheel when betting. However, it is hard to divide the table into these sections. 

You can choose to divide through blocks of nine numbers. However, plan ahead, as you may not be able to concentrate on the division while playing. The payouts are split quite drastically, and shifting between quadrants can mess up those wins for you quite quickly. 

3. Take the Easiest Route

You can choose to bet on a specific amount of numbers that are spread out across the table, but that may eat up a lot of your time. We suggest you do some calculations before entering the casino and develop a couple of combinations covering three quadrants. You can use online software to make the calculations easy. 

Pro Roulette Tip

You may not be able to win at roulette, despite using a strategy, if you don’t spend significant time practicing. It is best to practice online before transitioning to land-based roulette, as you can easily get nervous during a live game. 

The benefits of playing online roulette are endless. For one, you can play from the comfort of your home and choose different kinds of tables that allow you to try out the three-quadrant system. Try playing free roulette games and slowly transition to ones with a stake. The more you play, the easier it will be to choose bets during an actual game with high stakes. 

1. The Easy Route

Start your journey to mastering 3Q roulette by playing on virtual roulette tables. These are a great way to start if you are a beginner because you aren’t playing within a restricted time. You can take as much time as you want. This will teach you to plan and implement your strategy slowly but surely. 

2. The Transition

When you are sure you have learned the basics, it is time to move to a version that is a mix between live land-based roulette and virtual roulette. This incorporates bots that utilize automatic spins for bets and payouts. 

This roulette does have a time restriction, but it doesn’t incorporate a dealer, so it takes some of the pressure off. It is easy to learn live roulette here because you can easily implement your strategy without worrying about the dealer’s gaze. 

3. Land-Based Live Roulette

Once ready, you can transition to live roulette with a dealer and time restrictions. Here you must remember that you are playing with multiple roulette players. You need to be fast and accurate with your strategy implementation. 

However, this doesn’t mean you lose if you miss your turn. In fact, you can bet when you are absolutely sure about your numbers. Once you have learned how to play land-based roulette and adjusted to the quick pace, you can move to much faster online roulette games!

Roulette table at the casino
Picture of a roulette table at the casino

Final Thoughts

Roulette is one of the many casino games that depend almost entirely on chance. The wheel spins without bias and deals out the payouts without tilting towards one particular quadrant. However, the more diverse your bets, the more chances you have of winning. 

However, try to reign in that excitement and don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember, you have a limited bankroll, so starting with a lower bet is the ideal scenario. You can only get to practice if you save some of that bankroll for more games. 

Incorporating the 3Q roulette strategy can help you bet on more quadrants in the same time frame. But this requires a lot of practice and planning beforehand. Over time, the lessons you learn can help you become a good roulette player; one who relies on strategy over pure luck. 

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