Roulette Superstitions
Roulette is one of the most fun-filled gambling activities around the globe. Western casinos are full of roulette players and tables. Regardless of the roulette variation you choose, it is always you against the house. The player versus the house format distinguishes roulette from other casino games. As a roulette player, you might have heard about various game strategies to turn the odds in your favor. However, not all methods are strategies; some are superstitions. Today, we will dive into the details of the common roulette superstitions to bust the myths.

Common Roulette Superstitions You Should Know

Roulette is a game of luck. Since you or the croupier has no control over the spinning wheel and the ball, it narrows down to how lucky you are. Despite this reality, many roulette players use strategies to increase their winning chances. While some of these are practical to some extent, others are merely myths. Here are a few to bust.

Betting on a Specific Winning Color

A common misconception among roulette players is the probability of winning colors. Roulette players check which color wins the most in a few hours to place their bets on it. You might have noticed in brick-and-mortar casinos that some players keep up with the winning color trend to win the game.

For instance, if a player notices a red winning multiple times during a day, they may prefer placing bets on reds. Similarly, a player might bet on a black number due to its winning streak. While it seems to influence the human mind, the reality behind winning colors is nothing. It is merely a myth that many roulette players call a strategy.

Casinos ensure rig-free and fraud-free game experiences for players. The spinning wheel operates free of restrictions. Even if it stops at a specific color several consecutive times, there is an equally good chance of it not winning in every next turn.

The Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot and cold numbers are similar to the winning color myth. Roulette players often ask the croupier about hot numbers on the table before betting. Hot numbers are those that win throughout most games in a day. On the flip side, cold numbers are the least winning numbers. Like colors, numbers in roulette remain uninfluenced.

Placing bets on hot numbers does not guarantee winning. Such bets may favor the players (by landing the hot number at the winning spot), but only by luck. Roulette wheels have nothing to do with the outcomes. It operates mechanically in a rig-free space. In some cases, roulette players argue that the croupier should not mention the hot numbers when asked if it is a superstition.

Croupiers and other game dealers are employees of the casino. They are trained to speak only about what brings more customers (players) to the table. If they bust the myth themselves, many believers of the hot and cold myth will stop playing.

Wearing Lucky Charms

A common superstition among many roulette players is using lucky charms to win. Players often associate their wins and losses with clothes, accessories, undergarments, and other items to determine their odds. Wearing specific items when heading to a casino increases their winning chances (as they believe).

While such superstitions are not limited to casinos, they turn the roulette experience into a head-scratcher. Moreover, spectators are interested in roulette games to see if the charm works. In reality, there is no such thing as a lucky charm. It all comes down to your luck when playing roulette. Although a handful of roulette-winning strategies may help you bet wisely, wearing specific items does not guarantee winning.

Typically, the lucky charm players rely more on alternative ways to winning than going through the hard way. It is one of the most common superstitions among many roulette players.

Betting on a Sleeping Number

If the concept of hot and cold numbers is fresh, understanding sleeping numbers will be super easy. While many players rely on betting on the hot numbers, some believe otherwise. They place their faith in those that didn’t win all day. Those who favor sleeping and hot numbers often argue due to contrasting opinions.

While valid, neither side can justify the credibility of these superstitions. Players often ask the croupier about the sleeping numbers and bet on them to win. While luck may sometimes favor them, there is an equal chance of those numbers losing.

An important factor is that no number on the roulette wheel is bound to win. In many cases, numbers go for weeks without winning. Sometimes, multiple numbers win through a single day. Despite the possibilities, relying on sleeping numbers may not be a wise plan.

Roulette Myths
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Betting on a Lucky Number

The concept of lucky numbers isn’t new. You might have observed people buying a specific number of items or aligning most decisions with a specific number. Such people wholeheartedly believe in lucky numbers. However, lucky numbers are (indeed) luck-based numbers.

Some players bring this belief to casinos and suffer. Imagine betting on a number (only) because you consider it lucky for you and losing. Will you be able to trust that number again? Probably not. Betting on specific numbers based on an assumption can lead to undesirable outcomes. When you have a bankroll to manage, relying on real strategies may favor you more.

Another way to look at it is if a number is (really) lucky, it should favor everyone at the table. If not, the number might not be lucky. The player is the only factor in the roulette equation that can be lucky.

The Bottomline

The above roulette superstitions are common among most players. While experts rarely rely on such myths, rookie and casual players use such hit-and-trial methods to turn the odds in their favor. In the early learning stages, you may focus more on logic than what other players tell you. You may also refer to expert forums online to seek help.

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