How did technology change roulette
Roulette is undoubtedly the most popular gambling game when it comes down to playing against the house. This player-favorite gambling game has been around for centuries. Many casino games and themes take influence from the spinning wheel to reveal symbols and rewards. With more players joining online casinos, roulette players are everywhere. You can find them in brick-and-mortar casinos and online platforms alike. From the roulette of Roman times to today, how did technology change roulette? We will go through some interesting details to find out.

The Connection Between Blaise Pascal and Roulette

Roulette’s history goes back to the 1600s when the game formed its first impression on people in France. Many experts believe that roulette is the invention of the renowned scientist Blaise Pascal. Pascal wanted to develop the perpetual motion machine during his invention days. His idea beautifully translates to the spinning roulette wheel.

With the passing centuries, roulette underwent various modifications to make it more interesting. King Charles III holds the crown for adding a zero to the wheel. While several minor adjustments altered the original roulette wheel, Europe and America made major changes.

The Role of Technology

Did you know the first online casino came out in 1998? If this information surprised you, you may have an idea about the role of technology in casino games. We have covered a few influential factors that changed roulette due to technological reasons.

Access to Online Casinos

Before online casinos, brick-and-mortar casinos were the only source for playing roulette and other games. The land-based casinos lacked proper surveillance and systems to ensure rig-free wheel spins. Many players used devious ways to gain an advantage over others without being caught. When online casinos started surfacing in the early 2000s, scammers and cheaters, found it challenging to alter the outcomes. Online casinos played a crucial role in promoting fair play.

Home-Based Playing

Before online casinos, playing roulette from home was never taken into consideration. Players headed to small and large casinos to interact with other players and place bets on numbers. With online casinos gaining popularity, roulette players showed much excitement about playing roulette from the comfort of their couches. The rise of the internet planted the seed for home-based gaming.

Online Betting

Bookmakers around the globe seek various betting opportunities to develop their networks. Before online gaming platforms, betters relied on land-based networks to find sports events and place bets. While valid, online casinos created a bridge for bookmakers to bet online. Modern-day bookmakers can spectate an online poker game to place bets on winning players.


One of the major gifts technology has given to online roulette players is universality. You can connect with your roulette friends from faraway countries and start playing. Moreover, connecting with players from other regions is super easy. You can exchange a link with each other to join a game. Although each online roulette platform has varying rules and policies, you can find a website that offers ease of use.

The Influential Role of Live Roulette

The ever-changing technology continued to make the online roulette experience better for players. As the years passed, the role of the internet took a new shape by allowing players to enhance their internet experience. The casino industry planted the seed for live casino games that sparked an interest in players around the globe.

The concept of live casinos is to use cameras and uninterrupted live streaming to engage roulette players and bookies. You can indulge in an immersive roulette experience by joining a live casino. Live roulette is ideal for those who enjoy the spectatorship in most brick-and-mortar casinos. You can invite your friends to watch you play.

Moreover, live roulette and other games are a betting haven for faraway bookmakers. Using single-link access, sports betters can join a live roulette game to place bets on their favorite players. Live roulette has also created opportunities for international players to interact, compete, and communicate with each other for a better gaming experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Roulette

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already done more than we imagined. The launch of AI devices in nearly every industry has made it super easy to perform tasks and enhance user experience. Modern developments hint at AI taking over online gaming to provide users with more immersive platforms to compete with each other.

Online casinos are working to incorporate AI systems into online roulette sessions. Players will be able to use VR headsets to play roulette like in land-based casinos. You can tilt your head to see other players and watch them strategize their moves. You will also view the spinning wheel with much more accuracy than before.

Currently, AI companies are working on various models to promote AI gaming. Connecting with peers, communicating with them seamlessly, and deciding your game moves, are some of the many possibilities of AI-based roulette games.

 How did technology change roulette?
An AI bot using a mobile phone

Sports Betting With AI Bots

A recent development in technological sectors is the creation of AI bots for sports betting. These bots are specially designed to address the needs of bookmakers around the globe. Getting one of the AI bots for sports betting can help you search for hot sports events and place bets hassle-free.

Although we cannot say it yet, the chances of seeing AI croupiers conduct roulette games in the future are bright. We may also see AI tools in brick-and-mortar casinos to enhance the efficiency of gambling systems. Online casino developers are keen to evolve with the pace of technology to facilitate roulette and other gambling players.

The Takeaway

How did technology change roulette? The above details can walk you through the roulette evolution from Roman times to the modern era. As one of the most-played gambling games, roulette continues to attract players like a magnet from various parts of the world. If you are a new roulette player looking for inspiration, listening to expert podcasts or reading roulette books can help you become a pro. To find more roulette tips, feel free to explore expert online resources and discussion forums.

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