Betting strategy explained.
Despite the many games introduced to the casino, roulette is still one of the most popular. Be it due to the appeal created by pop culture and cinema or the fact that it is easy to learn, one thing is certain; the roulette table is the noisiest at the casino!

Roulette has remained interesting due to the concept of the game, which is pretty simple. Involving one spinning wheel and a white ball, the game requires its players to merely place bets and pick numbers. However, deciding upon a betting strategy can be difficult. 

The following roulette betting strategies have been inspired by some of the ways roulette players have won large jackpots in the past. However, keep in mind that not every strategy will apply to your personality or bankroll, so it is important to choose carefully. 

1. For Those With Big Pockets

This roulette betting strategy can be reserved for people with a bigger bankroll. Since this strategy requires its players to keep increasing their bets despite suffering losses, they must keep a lot of money aside for the game. 

This is the Martingale strategy, which works off the assumption that in an endless cycle of spins, one outcome is bound to land in your favor. In that case, investing double the bet each time you lose may eventually get you a much larger payout than the one you expected. 

Remember that not all casinos will allow you to place large bets. Some might even have a maximum limit that you cannot cross. Moreover, the Martingale has also been modified over time. Thus, it can include variations where the bet is doubled, and a predetermined amount is added to it each time. 

If you are interested in following the winning streak, there’s also the Reverse Martingale which pushes you to double the bet when you win instead of when you lose!

2. Not for the Faint of Heart!

These strategies are not for the faint of heart. This is because they are much faster and riskier than the others. The first is the James Bond roulette betting strategy. It was first adopted when Bond made an appearance at the Box Office. 

This strategy requires players to bet $140 on any number in the range of 19-36 followed by a $50 bet on a number in the range 13-18. This is finished off with a $10 bet on a single zero. This strategy is great for those people who want to utilize more parts of the wheel and bet on the ones that are most likely to get them a win. 

However, since this requires you to invest quite a lot of money, you might not be able to keep up with it. For those who have smaller pockets but are still looking for some thrill, they can try an alternative. This is when you invest your entire bankroll into one number and wait for a win. If you win, do it again!

If the strategies above make you uncomfortable, perhaps a less risky approach is required. Not all players are willing to give away their entire bankroll for a one-time thrill. Thus, they can benefit from consistency. 

Try to stick to one bet which makes you feel comfortable and increase it only when your gut tells you to. You can also consistently bet one number and hope for a win. However, if you keep losing, at least you won’t be that disappointed!

3. It’s a Number Game!

A lot of math goes into calculating the probability of wins in roulette. Roulette betting strategies are no different, and the same rules apply. For people who don’t want to make drastic decisions, a less radical approach can involve the following;

The first is the D’Alembert strategy which asks you only to add after a loss and multiply after a win. This helps you take advantage of the win without succumbing to the negative effects of a loss early in the game. 

Yet, we think a bigger strategy might be king of roulette betting strategies. For roulette players, the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy can’t be beaten. It doesn’t ask you to leap to a ridiculous betting number that makes you uncomfortable. All it does is involve simple calculations using Fibonacci numbers. These are;

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987

For roulette players, applying the Fibonacci strategy to even-number bets and implementing the next number every time you win is important. For example, if you win the first time you bet, you increase the bet amount by one. The next time you win, you increase by one again. After that, another win will demand you to increase by two, and so on.

Roulette players in a casino.
Picture of a roulette table.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a roulette betting strategy can be difficult without practice. Luckily, with the advent of online roulette, you can easily begin learning today. You don’t need to look for a land-based casino catering to your needs. Instead, you can search on the internet.

Since roulette betting strategies don’t guarantee wins, it is pointless to keep expectations high. However, strategy always helps get you closer to a win, so it should not be underestimated. Since roulette is a game where luck is a bigger factor, try not to get too caught up in the right strategy. Loosen up and have some fun!

As with all games in the casino, roulette can also affect your emotions. If you are caught in a bad streak, try to snap out of the Martingale and walk away from the casino. You can always come back another day and try again! Moreover, if you have received a win, try not to invest it back into the bet and lose the money you made!

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