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It’s hard not to look at the roulette wheel once you enter your local casino. The wheel’s popularity and general appeal make it one of the most interesting objects in the room. It is also associated with the most popular game in the casino.

Since roulette is quite simple and doesn’t require you to learn a lot to play, you may get confused regarding the general concept. After all, most roulette players always think there is a pattern to the madness and that there is a favorable option.

The bitter reality is that there is no favorable option. The best way to play roulette is without giving any color or number too much importance. Treating all of them the same is the key to success in the game. 

The Basics

Understanding the basics of roulette is important before you play the game. The first thing to know is the fact that red and black slots have even payouts, which eliminates any differences from the start. 

A great roulette strategy is built on the understanding that the odds might differ from one kind of wheel to another, but they are the same within the wheel. For example, a European wheel will have lesser pockets than an American one, making it less risky and having a lower house edge. But within the European wheel, there are equal chances of the ball landing in any pocket. 

Types of Roulette Wheels

Contrary to popular belief, roulette wheels aren’t just of one type. There are many variations, and it is important to find one that matches your style and bankroll. 

1. Single Zero Layout

This roulette wheel is usually found in European or French roulette with a considerably low house edge. European roulette wheels provide much better odds and lesser restrictions. Since they have a green pocket, the odds of red and black pockets change from 50% to 48.6%. 

However, you might not find this version in your local casinos. Despite it existing online, if you want to play land-based roulette and find the American wheel, here’s a guide;

2. Double Zero Layout

American wheels are much more different than European ones. Firstly, there is a lot of crowd and commotion around them. This is because these wheels offer greater wins despite a much higher house edge. Here, you get two green pockets. Thus, you get a red or black 47.34% of the time, which is much lower than in the European wheel. 

These wheels also include triple zeros sometimes, which are all placed in green pockets. Here, the green pockets increase to three, automatically reducing the probability of red and black pockets receiving the ball. 

Betting Systems

Before diving into whether red or black slots should be chosen, let’s provide through the betting systems that neither black nor red slots are likely to be more profitable for roulette players. 

Roulette strategy and betting depend on the inherent tweaking of the bets to work around a possible streak. However, this doesn’t mean there are greater chances of a red or black slot being more profitable all the time. It may, and it may not. 

Most betting strategies encourage you to increase investment each time you lose. Some push you to do it when you win. However, none ask you to bet solely on red or black. In fact, most will tell you to spread out the bets in red or black portions equally and only pursue a color if it experiences a hot streak. 

Should You Pick Red or Black?

Remember the way roulette works. Every spin of the wheel provides the same chance of winning. It also doesn’t affect future spins (unless the wheel is faulty). 

However, if you notice the roulette wheel favoring a particular color over time, there may be a wheel bias you can exploit. This is the only situation where picking a color and sticking to it is favorable. However, with advanced wheels, it is extremely rare to find this, and chances are you are simply overthinking a pattern. 

Consider this; if you have noticed this in such a short period, why would the casino’s trained eye miss out? Surely, they would have figured it out by now and fixed it! Thus, it can’t be possible. 

Red and black pockets will always have a similar chance of winning in an unbiased wheel. There is no point in choosing one color over the other, even if you spot a pattern. Chances are the color is just experiencing a winning streak and will soon return back to its original position. 

Moreover, the probability of both colors will stay the same. Initial probabilities are decided based on the green pockets on the wheel. This fixes the outcome for the spins to come. 

Sure, red and black pocket outcomes may change, but the odds never do. In simple terms, a red slot may occur more often than a black one, but the probability of it occurring stays the same. 

Roulette strategy.
Picture of a roulette table.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you play or what kind of wheel you choose, the odds of red and black slots remain the same. You are not better off betting on red slots or black ones. However, if you are observing the wheel closely and notice something that signals to you the high probability of a pocket, go for it! It is all based on random chance, anyways. 

Roulette can easily be played online. If you are finding it hard to get a hold of the concept or cannot find a specific wheel, there are endless options available online. Choose one that works best with your bankroll, and start playing! 

If you really want to learn roulette, remember the first rule; everything is based on random chance, and you have no effect on the outcome!

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