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Ever wondered whether any of the roulette strategies you have been practicing are a myth? Do roulette strategies really work, or are they simply something roulette players use to pass the time? Are you really tricking yourself with the roulette strategies popular online? 

As humans, we desire to control our wins or losses. We need to believe there is a way to influence fate or control wins and losses in the future. Each time roulette players lose, they want to believe that the next time will be better. 

However, what if there’s no guarantee? After all, roulette is based on random chance, and the chances of a wheel turning out to be flawed enough for a strategy to be applied are slim. Here are some common misconceptions about roulette strategies;

Myth 1: You Can Predict the Outcomes

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a professional roulette player is believing that roulette wheel outcomes can be predicted. Roulette wheels are seldom flawed, and they always produce random outcomes.

If you think you have noticed a pattern and are sure that the next outcome will be predictable, you might be headed toward a loss. Remember that roulette strategies that depend on wheel outcomes and pattern generation will never succeed. This is because whenever a roulette wheel produces a pattern, it is random.

If your wheel has been favoring the outside bets for a while, there is no surety that it is going to continue to favor those. In fact, it may change in the blink of an eye. Before considering adopting roulette strategies, ensure you understand the basics of the wheel first!

Myth 2: Betting Strategies Work Every Time

Most roulette strategies work with betting mechanisms. Roulette players who invent these strategies understand that roulette outcomes can’t be predicted. Thus, they hope to control the external factors. 

There’s a reason these strategies don’t work every time. Only professional roulette players with a big budget can adopt progressive betting techniques. Even then, they need to pray to the roulette gods to get that win they have been expecting for hours. 

In the short run, betting strategies may get you smaller wins. However, they can quickly deplete your bankroll in the long run, leaving you less time to enjoy the game you love. These roulette strategies can take you away from the game forever. 

Myth 3: The Wheel Can Be Flawed

One of the reasons roulette got popular was due to the flawed roulette wheels that produced jackpots in the earlier century. Roulette players were used to waiting around, observing the wheel for any inherent spinning flaws, and noting outcomes. These were then modified to develop predictions. 

Once the roulette player predicted which numbers the wheel bias favored, it was easy to predict where the ball would land. Time and again, the same player took home most of the wins, leaving other players confused. 

However, it is not only players but also the casinos that have developed over time. Casinos are well aware of this technical flaw. This means they work each year to develop their wheels, make them more accurate, and even install mechanical spinners for efficiency. Thus, roulette wheel biases are rare. 

Myth 4: The Croupiers Can Be Bribed

In most casinos where croupiers are treated well, there’s no need left for a bribe. In fact, if you visit a reputable casino and play on the roulette wheel, there’s no way you can get away with bribing the dealer. 

Croupiers usually don’t get anything out of letting a player win over the casino. However, since they are employed at the casino, they can benefit from identifying dubious players and reporting them. 

Thus, bribing croupiers guarantees a ban from the casino. Since casinos do not have to tell you why they are denying you service, you may never know why you can’t play. If you want to keep playing the game, you might have to look up better roulette strategies. 

Myth 5: You Can Get Away with Cheating

Advancements in technology encourage players to come up with new ways to cheat the casino. There are many devices invented for the sole purpose of helping players cheat and predict the outcome or simply creating a roulette wheel bias. 

However, there’s a reason you can’t get away with cheating at the roulette wheel. The advancements in surveillance allow the casino to carefully monitor all their players and identify which ones seem dubious. They can easily witness many slights of hand and slips that the naked eye might not be able to observe.

Moreover, since croupiers have been dealing with players for many years, they are quite experienced at figuring out which player is trying to get an edge. The player’s mannerisms or what they bring to the casino give them away. 

Word of Advice

If you are a roulette player looking to control your outcome in some way, we suggest heading over to the poker or blackjack table. There, you might find much more control among the cards. In the world of roulette, there is little space for control. In fact, this is exactly what roulette players love. 

Roulette players on the table.
Picture of roulette players.

Final Thoughts

The best way to play roulette is to let go of all expectations and just enjoy the game. Immerse yourself in the thrill of near wins and losses, and rejoice when you make it big. Learn to take losses like a champion and keep playing till you get the hang of it. 

The best roulette players don’t focus on the external aspects but look within to figure out whether they should keep playing. If you feel like you have had enough at any point, there’s no shame in quitting till you feel more excited. 

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