Roulette players at the table.
If you are a roulette player who has been playing the game for some time, you know it relies mostly on luck. The more you play the game, the more you understand the element of random chance that governs it. 

However, there are ways to get the upper hand in roulette. Professional roulette players know that intuition can be used to get more wins and make more accurate predictions. This leads to better betting strategies that earn a lot more. 

The following sections explore the role of intuition in roulette and how you can use it to get more wins throughout the game. However, make sure you rely on strategy throughout the game and avoid going above the bankroll, as that can lead to financial problems. 

What is Intuition in Roulette? 

Before diving into the effect of intuition on a game of roulette, it is important to understand what intuition really is. Intuition, also termed “gut feeling,” is when you know something good or bad will possibly occur. This feeling doesn’t necessarily need to be backed by any evidence or logic. 

However, despite not having a basis in rationality, it can help roulette players. Intuition in roulette is based on the player’s past experiences and current observation of the situation. The experiences the roulette player accumulates over the years come into play on the roulette table. 

How to Trust Your Gut and Win Big!

So, how can you trust your gut and win big in roulette? It is important to look within and understand what intuition is telling you. This can help you make more accurate decisions. Here are some tips;

1. Instinct is King

Trusting your gut feeling is the key to winning in a game where random chance rules. If you really feel like something is a bad decision, avoid it at all costs. However, in case you feel strongly about a certain portion of the roulette wheel, go ahead and bet on it. 

Do not overthink your instinct. The more you begin to think about the possibility of your gut feeling being wrong, the more you will walk away from the initial decision which could have been right. 

Often, unexpected wins are remembered more strongly by players. Ask any player who has won big amounts in roulette, and they will tell you to prioritize intuition in roulette. In situations where your gut is telling you one thing, and your logic is telling you another, try placing your gut first. You may be pleasantly surprised!

2. Avoid the Pattern

Avoid using logic during roulette. The reason intuition in roulette works is that it doesn’t allow players to use logic in a game that is governed by random chance. It encourages players to rely on something that is just as illogical and unpredictable as chance. 

Identifying a pattern or looking for hot or cold sections of the roulette wheel isn’t advisable. This may only send you hurling toward failure. 

3. Don’t Lose Focus

In a game of roulette, it is important to be observant and never to lose focus. If you find yourself getting distracted, it is advisable to step away for a while and look for another activity till you feel up to playing another game. 

Roulette might be governed by random chance, but you still need to pay attention to the wheel, as it is the one thing using up all of your bet money. Losing concentration can lead to poorer betting decisions. It is advisable to avoid using your phone while playing roulette and stay away from any distractions that could hinder your progress.

The more you are focused on tracking your bets, the easier it will be for you to win. By tracking your bets, you can keep a count of how much you have spent and how much you can still invest. A focused roulette player doesn’t need an application or notepad to keep count; their brain is enough. 

Tips for Roulette Players

A game of roulette can be quite fast; before you know it, it might slip away from you. It is not uncommon for roulette players to get overly excited and make rash decisions. However, once you begin to focus and give your bankroll due importance, the game might get easier. Here are some tips to keep in mind;

1. Practice Makes Perfect

It is important to practice the game if you want to master it. Since there are many online places where you can play online roulette, you don’t need to visit the casino. You also don’t need to place a bet in some cases! You can play free roulette for practice.

The more you play, the more you can exercise your intuition. Since you need the experience to be able to trust your gut, it is important to work on getting that before you step into a land-based casino. However, remember that all casino games have a level of risk, and losing is inevitable. 

2. Attitude

Your attitude to winning or losing will determine whether you can stick to the game or not. For this, it is important to know your odds and understand that you are bound to lose sometime. Every time you place a bet, weigh the pros and cons. 

3. Strategy

You may not be able to apply a lot of strategies to roulette since it is based on random chance, but you can use a betting strategy to increase the odds of winning. Just remember to use a riskier betting system only when you have the bankroll to support it. 

Roulette players in the casino.
Picture of a roulette table.

Final Thoughts

Using intuition in roulette will not always work in your favor. However, would you rather take the odds of making a decision without your gut feeling on your side? If not, consider depending on your instincts. 

Ensure you remain focused throughout the game. This focus is the key to becoming a professional roulette player. Players who never lose sight of their bankroll are the ones who end up making it big in the casino.

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