Roulette variations.
Playing roulette can be a great way to release the frustration from the many other games at the casino. This is because it is quite different from the others. While some players may shy away from the element of luck, others turn to roulette for this very reason!

Many roulette players take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to learn anything to play roulette. You can just show up at the casino and choose to wait for that small white ball to land in one of the pockets you bet on. 

There’s a thrill in letting a rotating wheel and a tiny little ball decide your fate. This is one of the only times you don’t need to learn mathematical strategizing or use different kinds of cards to your advantage. In fact, even if you lose, you don’t need to take it upon yourself. You can shift the blame to fate.

The Traditional Roulette

What is roulette without the occasional encounter with European or American roulette wheels? There’s a reason these wheels are popular. Many roulette players have become comfortable with the traditional roulette variations and are satisfied playing with the wheels they know best.

Here are some variations of roulette you might know;

1. European Roulette

This is the most popular as it allows you the most forgiving house edge. You aren’t faced with the impending doom double zeros bring to the table, and you can easily get away with La Partage and En Prison rules!

2. American Roulette

American roulette might be avoided by many beginner roulette players. This is for a good reason since it has a tough house edge and ever tougher odds. All bets are off once it adds those double zeros to the mix!

3. French Roulette

This one is perhaps the most exotic out of the traditional roulette variations. It varies between maximum and minimum betting restrictions. Also, it assigns creative names to different betting options on the roulette wheel, which sound as French as the creators of the wheel! These include “orphelins,” “le tiers du cylinder,” and “voisins du zero.”

Exotic Roulette Variations

Traditional versions of roulette can never keep up with the rising demand for innovation within the casino. Since before the technological revolution and boom, casino creators have been coming up with ways to keep the roulette players’ attention. This includes inventing different kinds of roulette wheels. 

1. Mini Roulette

Let’s stop for a second and imagine a faster, smaller, and even more adrenaline-inducing version of roulette! It may be hard for us, but this is exactly what Mini Roulette makes possible. This kind of roulette involves 13 pockets and is played at Playtech casinos!

2. Pinball Roulette

Remember those pinball machines that used to grab our attention for many hours in the day back in the early 2000s when gaming systems weren’t that advanced? We would love to shoot out that pinball and watch it roll through a complicated table incorporating hurdles to make the ball fall into a hole. 

This is the same, except that it has roulette wheels attached to it. Many Pinball Roulette machines allow you to play on European or American roulette wheels. You simply play the game like a traditional pinball game and watch the numbers roll to reveal your outcome!

3. Double Ball Roulette

Much like the name suggests, this is roulette played with two balls instead of one. It works similarly to blackjack with two hands or multi-table poker online. You get to bet on more than one ball in the same go. 

The croupier will normally insert two balls in the wheel, and you will get to bet on different outcomes on two different balls. This leads to much more opportunity for winning as you are betting more at the same time. 

4. Rapid Roulette

Usually found online, this version of roulette is even faster than the traditional game. It follows the same rules except that it exists on an electronic platform, so you don’t need to worry about crowding around a roulette table at the casino to be able to play. 

Tips to Get You a Win

As a roulette player, you may forever be looking for ways to increase your wins or reduce your losses when playing in the casino. Here is the best way to achieve that; 

1. Play the Wheel that Matches Your Personality

You may look for exotic roulette variations all you want and play all the different types of roulette in the world. However, you must stick to the wheel that matches your personality if you want a win. 

If you want to make many small wins, picking a roulette wheel with a lower house edge is best. This way, you get to play longer and suffer less impactful losses. Moreover, if you are more impulsive and tend to get carried away with the game, we recommend a lower house edge yet again. 

2. Know When it is Time to Quit

Don’t chase losses. That is the worst thing you can do for your roulette career. Instead, once you recognize a bad streak, slowly exit the roulette wheel circle and cool off before you decide to give it another chance.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

Do not try to trick the croupier or the casino. Remember that today’s advanced casino surveillance mechanisms can identify slights of hand and tampering devices much quicker. You don’t want to get banned from the casino at the start of your career in roulette!

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Spin the Wheel!

Watch the roulette wheel spin at least once in your life if you are looking for a casino game that gets your heart racing! Go beyond traditional roulette variations and dive deep into the world of exotic roulette wheels. 

The best way to play roulette is with confidence. Thus, remember to walk in relaxed and with a bankroll that doesn’t take away from other responsibilities. The less you depend on that bankroll, the better your play!

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