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There’s a great debate between those who rely on minimum bets versus those who reach higher to maximum betting limits. In every casino, you will find minimum and maximum bets set by the casino management. Wondering why they exist? 

There’s a difference between players who play at lower stakes versus those who want to reach higher and take a risk. While the former only want to play the game and have some fun, the latter want to reach higher and win more at the risk of losing a higher amount. 

For roulette players, knowing the wheel and everything that comes with it is important. Without a sound knowledge of minimum and maximum bets, winning at the roulette wheel is impossible. After all, betting is everything in roulette. 

The Idea Behind the Betting Limits

Why do maximum and minimum bets exist in a roulette wheel, and how do they work? Usually, these limits are the ones set on the inside and outside of the wheel. However, the limits could also depend on the players. 

Figuring out betting limits is easy; you only need to check the table for any indication. They are usually posted in clear view. Usually, inside and outside bets have different maximum and minimum limits. They will be communicated to you in advance. 


Maximums on the inside bets usually refer to the maximum bet you can place on the numbers on the inside of the wheel. For most casinos, these limits are much lower than the maximum bets applied to the outside, as the inner circle gives players the most opportunity for success.

Remember that maximum limits might restrict the amount you can bet, but it doesn’t affect how many bets you can make. For example, if your maximum limit is $100, you can still place five bets of $20 each (given that there’s no minimum bet limit). 


Minimum bet limits are a lot like maximums in that they restrict the amount you can bet. However, minimums provide you with a fixed amount that you must bet to be able to play. This can be applied to inside and outside bets. 

However, before you begin playing on a roulette wheel, it is important to understand all the rules. Always choose a casino that allows you to place many smaller inside bets to make up the minimum. Casinos that restrict you to placing at least one minimum bet might not be ideal if you are a beginner. 

What to Expect at a Casino

You might want an estimate before you begin playing at the roulette wheel. Lucky for you, the numbers do not vary as much. They may differ depending on the table and the players surrounding it, but they are more or less the same across casinos. 

However, that is not to say that you won’t see variations. You should always expect to see different numbers when you enter a different casino. But you must also have a single strategy, no matter the casino. 

Remember that the maximum and minimum bets can usually be achieved with more than one bet, so mix and match as that will increase your odds of a win. 

The Importance of Maximum and Minimum Bets

Why are minimum and maximum bets important? What do they achieve? 

Over the years, the roulette wheel has produced many betting strategies that help people make the best of random outcomes. Betting strategies such as progressive betting or the martingale strategy, which allow players to double or triple their bets after a while, might put the casino at a disadvantage. 

The player may win everything the wheel offers before they enter a losing streak. This scenario doesn’t leave much for the casino house edge. Sure, it favors players with big pockets, but it doesn’t fare well for most other players in the long run. 

Maximum and minimum bets are put into place to serve not just the casino but the other players around the table. It isn’t wise to depend on a betting strategy at a roulette wheel with maximum or minimum bets. 

But there’s good news. Tables with maximum and minimum limits can help players choose their roulette wheel better. It is much easier for players to figure out which wheel to choose, depending on the minimum limit. They can simply compare it to their bankroll. 

Tips for Players

When you enter the casino, your bankroll is much more important than anything else. The roulette wheel might tempt you at times to go above and beyond your limits. But you must remember that a lower bet can help you play at the wheel much longer. 

Moreover, if you find yourself caught in a losing streak, it is important to know when to quit. You can lose a lot at tables with minimum betting limits. So, the more you chase that loss, the further losses you may incur. 

The best way to conquer the wheel is to take regular breaks and step away from the crowd around the wheel to get some fresh air. This can help you think better, refresh, and return to the wheel with a rational mindset. 

 Roulette wheel at the casino
Picture of a roulette wheel

Final Thoughts

If you are considering playing roulette, we recommend getting educated on maximum and minimum bets and figuring out which table is best for you. In the casino, choosing the roulette wheel can make a big difference. 

The easiest way to figure out which roulette wheel to choose is to understand your personality. Choose a wheel with a lower minimum bet if you want to play for longer. The lower the bets you are required to make, the lesser the impact on your bankroll. 

The best way to play is to keep learning. Be open to the advice of other roulette players around you, and make sure you do your research before applying advice. After all, it is your money which is on the line.

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