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Have you ever wondered about the origins of roulette? Why is it that you can find many games that have been inspired by roulette? Is it because roulette has become so popular, or is it roulette that was inspired by these games in the first place? 

You may have to get to the heart of the game to find roulette in alternative settings. A roulette wheel may not always be a prerequisite to a roulette game. Similarly, roulette players don’t always need to exist within a casino. 

This article will discuss all of the alternative settings where roulette can be found and some tips that can help you win the game more often. Look for roulette wherever you go if you want to develop a love for this game!

1. Parties

The roulette wheel may not exist at every sweet-16, but there’s always the quintessential game of spinning the bottle. Spin the bottle, often associated with truth or dare, has been a popular game amongst teens for many years.

No one really knows the exact origins of the game, but one thing is sure; the main concept is similar. Much like the spinning of the roulette wheel, the spinning of the bottle picks players at random. The players must then choose truth or dare and perform certain tasks.

The roulette wheel is common in most settings, especially at parties thrown by millionaires. Many roulette players visit these parties to try their luck. In fact, some parties are roulette themed altogether, thrown to host players and push them to invest in the wheel.

2. Online

The roulette wheel doesn’t just need to exist within the confines of the casino. It can also be played online. Nowadays, online roulette is the most famous way to play roulette for players. It is convenient as you don’t have to wait for your turn.

Of course, there’s a downside to online roulette; you don’t get the aura of the casino. However, creators are beginning to solve that problem too. Soon, you can bring the casino to your living room.

With the introduction of virtual reality, more and more casino games are being modified for compatibility with augmented reality. In the future, it will be easier to play roulette with a VR headset and transport yourself into the casino without stepping into one. 

3. Bars, Hotels, and Cruises

The roulette wheel has leaped out of the casino and into the unchartered territories of the bars, hotels, and exotic cruises. Today, you don’t just find the roulette wheel in casinos but also in bars around the world. 

Most bars that offer roulette have a smaller section where players can spin the wheel in peace. The same goes for hotels which often have a casino area attached. This is to make roulette much more accessible for players. 

When it comes to cruises at exotic locations, roulette wheels are a luxury. They can often be found on expensive cruises which host people with big pockets. These roulette wheels are also often funded by casinos. 

Why Do Alternate Settings for Roulette Exist?

As technological advancements rise, the demand for roulette has increased. However, casinos might not always be able to provide players with enough room to play. Thus, many players are left searching for casinos that can allow them to play. 

The roulette wheel’s creators have devised a great solution for this. It comes in the form of online roulette and also games that can be set up at home. Today, whoever wants to play roulette can play it anywhere, at any time. 

However, you must beware of fraudulent websites. Always play roulette at a trusted site, as scammers can easily misuse your information and steal money that you could have put into a roulette wheel. 

Tips to Play Roulette

Here are some tips you can use to master the roulette wheel and start making more money;

1. Strategy

Strategy might be king throughout the casino, but you must apply the right strategy to the right kind of game. For roulette, it is important to understand that all outcomes are based on random chance. 

You must never expect to apply a strategy that directly affects your odds. The factor of luck is always going to apply. However, strategy is important if you want to have some control over your outcomes. Strategy can come in the form of betting patterns. 

We recommend applying progressive betting, as that can increase your wins if you experience a winning streak. Keep increasing your bet by a certain multiplier each time you win. You can double it as a beginner and increase this multiplier when you get comfortable. 

2. Bankroll

Don’t go above and beyond your bankroll; never borrow money to play the game. Always stick to your bankroll, and once you are done, go back. Sometimes, quitting is much better than losing all your money in one game. 

Managing your bankroll well can also have you playing the game for longer. Don’t place all your bets in one pocket unless you want to risk it all. Try to diversify and use the outside and inside of the wheel. 

3. Recognize Emotions

It is important to step away from the casino once you feel like you are getting away with your emotions. Emotional decisions are never a great idea, as they can easily lead to an addiction. 

Never enter the casino to escape from something. Always ask yourself whether you actually want to play and only go ahead if you have a rational mind at the time. 

 Roulette wheel.
Picture of a roulette table.

Final Thoughts

Roulette can be found in alternative settings outside the casino. It is usually found in people’s places, as excited roulette players host events or play online games. However, the same rules apply everywhere. 

No matter where you play the game of roulette, always remember your bankroll and make decisions accordingly. You don’t want to be disappointed at your losses!

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